Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rocking the Book Boyfriend Vote Pt 2

Alrighty!! Now that I have your attention...

It's the last day of the first round voting over at Between the Sheets, and the boys are doing pretty good, but they still need your votes!! It's rumored that you can vote once a if you would be ever so kind and give my boys a little more love today (*insert big puppy dog eyes here* ---- or better yet *insert half nekkid pictures of the boys here*)

And for a little more inspiration, here are the rest of the boys' interviews. They just crack me up!!

First up again today is Uber SEXY SEAL, Gideon Cooper (or GI Joe to Charlie) from Indivisible. I love how protective he is and how willing he is to give of himself for those he loves...and those he doesn't even know as he serves his country. Being a SEAL is all he's ever wanted to do because it's as close to being a superhero that he can get.

BtS: What is your favorite curse/dirty word?

     Gideon: Hmmmm… this is a tough one. As a SEAL I can do some pretty creative cursing. Of course Charlie has taught me some new ones. I’d probably have to go with “shit” – I mean it’s what I get myself into most of the time so describes a lot of things for me.

     BtS: How do you seduce and/or excite a woman?
     Gideon: Look at me! There’s not much I need to do to seduce a woman. OW! Dammit, Charlie! I’m going to have a headache before this is over if you don’t stop smacking me! Okay, fine. I’m not sure how to answer this one though. I mean I married Charlie on our first date…that’s pretty much a way to get a girl into bed. OW! I think women are just naturally attracted to the whole dangerous Navy SEAL thing, you know? I didn’t get smacked for that one so that must be an okay answer.

            BtS: Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever made love?

       Gideon: Don’t tell Charlie that I told you this, but when we first got married and I was picking up my stuff from the barracks. Yeah, that’s right…she saw my dress uniforms and couldn’t help herself. She attacked me right there up against my locker. Now those rooms are about the size of a closet and we were making A LOT of noise – my girl gets a little vocal – but we got walked in on by the guy I shared a wall with. He thought I was being attacked. Charlie wanted to die, but I thought it was pretty fucking funny.  OW! I’m just being honest. (She’s taken to pinching me now.)

Though with the boys now, we have to be creative, so ask me again in a few years and I’m sure that answer will change, right babe?

Poor Gideon...though if I were pinching him, it would be on that "seal" tattoo he has - go ahead and ask me where it is (if you read Indivisible, you know though!)

And now its Gage's turn to charm you all. Now, it's not that hard for Passion Fish's Gage Vandenburg to charm the ladies - I mean who wouldn't want to have him standing over you and telling what a good job you are doing as you are breathing heavily - mind out of the gutter ladies!! He's just helping you with the weights!

      BtS: What is your favorite curse/dirty word?

Gage: I’d go with “prick” on this one. It’s just a great descriptive word. Sometimes there’s no other way to describe someone than “he’s a prick” – I mean there’s no ambiguity there.

 BtS: How do you seduce and/or excite a woman?

Gage: I try to be THAT guy. The guy that whether or not things work out, you will always remember our date. When you chicks are sitting around drinking wine and you talking about men, I’ll be that story about the guy who showed up with a bouquet of balloons and a giant sunflower. The one who took you for pizza and beer and then mini golfing…the woman who “gets” that, will be seduced by me – because that’s me right there.

 BtS: Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever made love?
Gage: Shit, this one is hard. I don’t have a lot of inhibitions, so there have been some pretty interesting places…if I have to pick just one place I guess it would be at the gym where I work. It made training sessions a lot more difficult because all I could think about was Skye on that weight bench. BUT, my goal is to go back to that mini golf place and get Skye to do naughty things in the volcano. I guy has to have goals! go vote for my boys!! Just hit up Between the Sheets and click on my boys (and any other Omnific men you fancy - I have made my votes already today. I love the Blood Vine boys and Satan Jack soooo much!). If they make it to round two tomorrow, I will post a few excerpts of the boys that will give you and idea of just how sexy they are... OH! And if they make it to round two?? They will be going against each other!! How do I pick?? It's like Sophie's Choice!

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