Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gideon vs Gage - what???

That's right folks! Both of my boys won in the Smackdown! Who would have thought that my boys would be competing against one another...I'm so proud of them both. And of all of you who voted for them. I truly appreciate all the support.

Now, I have to make a choice between my boys...UGH!! But, because I have had some great support from Panty Dropping Book Blog in getting behind Gage and pimping him to all of their followers, I want them to get the ebooks and swag to give to their readers. So while it kills me to turn my back on Gideon *sigh* I want you all to go to Between the Sheets and vote for Gage (and all the other great Omnific boyfriends that are in round 2). Check out the Panty Dropping Book Blog to see how to get in on the winning (and they have some pretty pictures of yummy and great book info).

And here's the thing - I am heading out on my Annual Girls' Getaway weekend with some of my besties. So, I won't be here to pimp Gage. *sad face* but I still need you all to go go go!! I will try to check in on Facebook and remind you all to vote. The third round will start on Sunday and I will need all the help I can get (I'll still be out of town). I will be back on Tuesday to bombard you with more Gideon goofiness. I will even post a picture of the outfit he wore to pick Skye up for their first date (it exists, and someone wore it...). So, please help the ladies at Panty Dropping Book Blog out while I'm gone.

Today, I am giving you some super sexy Gage! If you don't want to see the naughty, then turn back now...cause Gage is "working" Skye out!!

After locking the doors, he turned to see Skye standing in the middle of the gym. There was a thin sheen of sweat glistening on her body, and it was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. Every nerve in his body began firing, and all the blood rushed to his lower body so fast he thought he would pass out.

As Gage started toward her, she back-peddled a little, ending up in the free weight room pressed against the mirrored wall. That was fine with him. Seeing her from all angles was an even bigger turn on.

Lifting his shirt over his head, Gage wasn’t wasting any time. Skye gasped as he stepped up to her and went right for her top, quickly finding the bottom of the tiny tank top and peeling it off. When it was gone, her beautiful breasts were completely bare. Gage went straight to them, taking her in his mouth. As he bit and sucked on the perfection, he could feel her body moving against his.

“Oh, Gage. That’s driving me crazy.” Her voice came in a pant, and Gage knew he couldn’t hold on much longer without being inside her.

Skye’s hand grazed the hardness in his shorts, causing Gage to growl. Her hands moved back up to the waistband and she inched them, along with his boxer briefs, down way too slowly. Once they were on the ground, Gage stepped out of them, then freed her from the remaining clothes she was wearing. His heart nearly stopped beating when he found she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Skye’s hand felt so good on Gage’s skin as she stroked him. Another groan escaped as his head lolled back. When she leaned in and ran her tongue over his nipple, Gage almost exploded. The sensation of heat and electricity ran through every inch of his body.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, cupping her perfect ass in his hands, Gage lifted her. She wrapped her legs around him as he stepped back, knowing exactly where he was going. With little effort, Gage found what he was looking for and sat down.

With one leg on either side of the weight bench, he pulled Skye to straddle him. When she slid down onto him, he nearly exploded.

“Skye, you are the most incredible woman,” he whispered into her ear.

Skye rocked against Gage as he sucked and bit at her neck. With his hands planted on her hips, he held her as she found the perfect rhythm. At that moment, they both found release and collapsed against one another.

When Gage looked up into Skye’s face, her eyes were shining. Leaning in, he found her lips and kissed her with all he had left.

“What are you smiling about? I mean, I like that I can put a smile on your face, but...”

“Yeah, right, Gage. You always put a smile on my face, but that isn’t why I am smiling now.”

“Then what is so funny?”

“I was just wondering when I could schedule my next session with you.”

“Funny, I was just thinking the same thing.” Gage smiled as he leaned in to kiss one of her amazing breasts.

“I’m thinking...right about now.”

Gah!! I love that scene...I always get a little smile on my face when I go to the gym and see a weight bench. It crosses my mind for just those few minutes....YUMMM!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rocking the Book Boyfriend Vote Pt 2

Alrighty!! Now that I have your attention...

It's the last day of the first round voting over at Between the Sheets, and the boys are doing pretty good, but they still need your votes!! It's rumored that you can vote once a if you would be ever so kind and give my boys a little more love today (*insert big puppy dog eyes here* ---- or better yet *insert half nekkid pictures of the boys here*)

And for a little more inspiration, here are the rest of the boys' interviews. They just crack me up!!

First up again today is Uber SEXY SEAL, Gideon Cooper (or GI Joe to Charlie) from Indivisible. I love how protective he is and how willing he is to give of himself for those he loves...and those he doesn't even know as he serves his country. Being a SEAL is all he's ever wanted to do because it's as close to being a superhero that he can get.

BtS: What is your favorite curse/dirty word?

     Gideon: Hmmmm… this is a tough one. As a SEAL I can do some pretty creative cursing. Of course Charlie has taught me some new ones. I’d probably have to go with “shit” – I mean it’s what I get myself into most of the time so describes a lot of things for me.

     BtS: How do you seduce and/or excite a woman?
     Gideon: Look at me! There’s not much I need to do to seduce a woman. OW! Dammit, Charlie! I’m going to have a headache before this is over if you don’t stop smacking me! Okay, fine. I’m not sure how to answer this one though. I mean I married Charlie on our first date…that’s pretty much a way to get a girl into bed. OW! I think women are just naturally attracted to the whole dangerous Navy SEAL thing, you know? I didn’t get smacked for that one so that must be an okay answer.

            BtS: Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever made love?

       Gideon: Don’t tell Charlie that I told you this, but when we first got married and I was picking up my stuff from the barracks. Yeah, that’s right…she saw my dress uniforms and couldn’t help herself. She attacked me right there up against my locker. Now those rooms are about the size of a closet and we were making A LOT of noise – my girl gets a little vocal – but we got walked in on by the guy I shared a wall with. He thought I was being attacked. Charlie wanted to die, but I thought it was pretty fucking funny.  OW! I’m just being honest. (She’s taken to pinching me now.)

Though with the boys now, we have to be creative, so ask me again in a few years and I’m sure that answer will change, right babe?

Poor Gideon...though if I were pinching him, it would be on that "seal" tattoo he has - go ahead and ask me where it is (if you read Indivisible, you know though!)

And now its Gage's turn to charm you all. Now, it's not that hard for Passion Fish's Gage Vandenburg to charm the ladies - I mean who wouldn't want to have him standing over you and telling what a good job you are doing as you are breathing heavily - mind out of the gutter ladies!! He's just helping you with the weights!

      BtS: What is your favorite curse/dirty word?

Gage: I’d go with “prick” on this one. It’s just a great descriptive word. Sometimes there’s no other way to describe someone than “he’s a prick” – I mean there’s no ambiguity there.

 BtS: How do you seduce and/or excite a woman?

Gage: I try to be THAT guy. The guy that whether or not things work out, you will always remember our date. When you chicks are sitting around drinking wine and you talking about men, I’ll be that story about the guy who showed up with a bouquet of balloons and a giant sunflower. The one who took you for pizza and beer and then mini golfing…the woman who “gets” that, will be seduced by me – because that’s me right there.

 BtS: Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever made love?
Gage: Shit, this one is hard. I don’t have a lot of inhibitions, so there have been some pretty interesting places…if I have to pick just one place I guess it would be at the gym where I work. It made training sessions a lot more difficult because all I could think about was Skye on that weight bench. BUT, my goal is to go back to that mini golf place and get Skye to do naughty things in the volcano. I guy has to have goals! go vote for my boys!! Just hit up Between the Sheets and click on my boys (and any other Omnific men you fancy - I have made my votes already today. I love the Blood Vine boys and Satan Jack soooo much!). If they make it to round two tomorrow, I will post a few excerpts of the boys that will give you and idea of just how sexy they are... OH! And if they make it to round two?? They will be going against each other!! How do I pick?? It's like Sophie's Choice!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rock the (Book Boyfriend) Vote!

Do you feel powerless watching the government screw everything up? Do you feel like your vote doesn't even matter anymore?

I have a great way to feel empowered in the age of crazy government. A way to feel like you have helped out a writer (who is willing to beg if need be) and to make two super sexy, yummy fictional hunks you winner!! Someone you can be proud of...someone you can look at and get that tingly feeling in all the right places...someone who will ALWAYS be there for you.

Love Between the Sheets is hosting a great event with all the Omnific authors and their super sexy men. We are in Round One of a four round battle right now. There are great prizes available as the rounds go on with the grand prize being ebooks for the two finalists, an Omnific bag of swag and $100 Amazon Gift Card!! And all you have to do is VOTE (preferably for Gideon or Gage).

So, to add a little bit to the whole mix, Love Between the Sheets had some interview questions for the boys.... I wanted to share a little of those with you today. Don't worry, I will give some more tomorrow too!! I love these boys, and they crack me up all the time. It's been fun spending some time with them again and asking them these questions...

First up is Gideon. He's my over protective, ultra yummy, Navy SEAL from Indivisible. I mean who wouldn't vote for a Navy Seal?? Who I tell you??

      LBtS: What is your ideal woman like?

 Gideon: Damn, you’re going to get me in trouble right off the bat here. If I don’t describe Charlie to a tee, she’s not going to let me touch her for a very long time. My ideal woman would be a woman who knows herself, and isn’t afraid to be who she is. She would be strong but soft in all the right ways. (Asks over his shoulder, “Is that good, babe?”)

 LBtS: What do you like the least about yourself?

Gideon: I have a bit of a temper and can easily get myself into trouble when that switch is flipped. Especially when it comes to my family and the people I care about most.

LBtS: What are the three most important things in life to you?  

      Gideon: This is the easiest question to answer. My family, my country and my team members. And number four would be my truck. I fucking love my truck! Ow! Charlie just called me an ass for mentioning my truck, but I don’t care, it still would make the list.

      LBtS: What music is on your playlist right now?

      Gideon: I’m going to remind everyone that I am a trained killer before I answer this question. My “Prep” playlist for when we are flying to a deployment is…shit this is embarrassing… it’s 80s hair band music. Fuck! I am going to get shit from my team over this. Yeah, things like Warrant, Poison, and Bon Jovi. Yeah, you get the idea. And now I have to go resuscitate my wife because she’s almost passed out from laughing at me.

Gideon will be dealing with Charlie for a bit, so let's see how Gage, my super sweet bouncer/personal trainer from Passion Fish is answered the questions.

 LBtS: What is your ideal woman like?

      Gage: There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants out of life and doesn’t accept anything less. I like a woman who can grab life by the balls and take everything that she wants from it. I need a woman whose ego and ambition can match mine or things won’t work at all. And it doesn’t hurt for her to be a sports fan…just saying.

LBtS: What do you like the least about yourself?

      Gage: I hate that Skye has me wrapped around her damn little finger like John Gotti’s pinky ring. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for that woman, and she knows it, which isn’t good for me!

LBtS: What are the three most important things in life to you?  
      Gage: First on my list would be my family and those I care most about in life. I talk to my mom and dad every week back home, and my baby sister when she’s home from college. If she called me and needed me, I’d be on a plane in the next hour.

Second would be my career. I’ve worked hard to get where I am, and am proud that I’m more than just the muscle bound idiot that people think I am. I respect my body and want to help others to do the same. I think I’m helping people and I’m proud of that.

Third, I’d have to say my Chargers. They are sucking as usual this year, but I do love my bolts. We just need to get a good quarterback and then we go all the way baby!!

LBtS: What music is on your playlist right now?

      Gage: I like to have my iPod on full blast when I’m working out, so I go with some stuff that is great for getting me pumped. I like Pink and some Beyonce, but also got some Old School stuff like a little Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, yeah I went there. And can’t beat some Beastie Boys to get me worked up. And from time to time freaking Skye puts damn Justin Bieber or One Direction shit in my playlist just to screw with me. And there’s nothing worse than being in the middle of pressing and hearing that fucking high pitched, “Baby, baby, baby.” I’ve almost killed myself more than once.

Now...GO VOTE!!! The boys need all the help they can get!!

Tomorrow  I will post the rest of the interview with the boys, a little excerpt for you to get to know them, and also a little surprise about Passion Fish!!