Monday, August 12, 2013


Hey all!!

First thing I'd like to say that my blog is called "Life Happened" for a reason - my life get more than a little crazy at times. And I'm just talking about everyday normal life.

I only have two kids, but damn if they aren't busy as about a dozen. School is still out for another two weeks in my world and is in chaos until then. Because my kids got out of school a month after most kids, and then they had several weeks of rehearsals for their music performance they do in July. This means I feel like I have to make the last month extra fun for them. I am lucky enough to be at home with them, and can do this.

We have spent several days at the local waterslide park. We have passes and I enjoy getting some reading in on my Kindle while the kids run and play. Having kids only10 months apart is starting to pay off because they are both at an age that I can let them run around and not worry...too much (because really I worry about them when they are sitting next to me!).

On top of the waterslides, I have a big yard sale this weekend with my Book Club girlfriends and I have been getting rid of TONS of stuff. I always find it amazing how much crap can accumulate in your house over a year! In all honesty, the majority of stuff I have is kid's toys and clothes. I have a small problem when it comes to buying clothes for my daughter, and she knows it, and plays me so well. On top of that, the yard sale
is at my house so I have to make sure I have room for all my friends to bring their unwanted treasures over too.

And just to top off my "Life Happened" List, my son started football this week. What does this mean? It means that I am at a practice or a game for at least an hour and a half 5 to 6 times a week! Because, yeah I have lots of time for it!

Finally, I just took on a HUGE project for my other job. I have to devote a lot of time to this one.

So the reason for all of this is...I wasn't able to complete my inspiration assignment. I know, I know. I am thoroughly ashamed and apologize profusely!!

The good news is that I did get some great inspirational pictures that I already have some ideas to get me writing rolling through my head. And as a thank you to those of you who did send me pictures, I am sending an ebook copy of Indivisible and my short Big Guns. I do so appreciate those who took the time to help me out, I just have had two weeks of Life Happening. My plan is to be caught up with things (HAHAHAHA! That made me laugh too!) when the kids go back to school and start writing again.

Thank you again for your help!

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