Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lost in Pintrest Land...and other reasons

Now that I have your attention...

Not to sound redundant, but my only excuse for being gone for so long is well...Life  Happened.
I've mentioned before that I do some editing as well, and that whole thing took off BIG! Over the last year or so, I have travelled more than I have probably in my whole life (not counting the whole moving thing).  I've gotten the chance to visit New York City...twice and Chicago - two great cities that I had never been to before. But, the down side of one side of my life taking off is that something has to suffer. Sadly, it's my writing world that has suffered and for that I truly apologize.

In case I was losing you...

There are some pretty exciting things going on for Jessica McQuinn at the moment. I can't wait to share those with you all. One thing that I can tell you about is I am writing again!! I have missed taking the time every day to get the voices in my head onto paper - ummmm...I mean...all my thoughts, not voices...I definitely don't hear voices...
Anyway, I have started working on my sexy SWAT men again, and am really excited about it. I'll tell you all how I got inspired again...PINTREST!!
I am a Pintrest-aholic in my regular life. Teacher Appreciation Week is my favorite week of the year because I get to legitimately search Pintrest for hours for unique gifts for my kids' teachers. And let's not even talk about the sparkle in my eyes when husband tells me he has a potluck at work and I need to make something for him.
So imagine how excited I was to hop on as Jessica McQuinn and find all the great places and sexy men from my books!! We all know that Gage and Gideon are very Kellan in my head, so LOTS of sexy pictures of him there. I even found one of Kellan with weights in his screamed GAGE!!  There are pictures of Santa Barbara and San Diego, including Horton Plaza, one of my favorite places in San Diego.
Now, it's not all author stuff, there are some funny pins, some great quotes, and more. My favorite though? Eye Candy! That's right, a whole board of super yummy, sexy men. And this is where I found my inspiration to start writing about Brody and his team again. Why? You ask... What was it that provided this "inspiration"? I'll share it with you...
Now THAT's inspiration, right? Jason Statham in the perfect Brody. He's bad ass and soooo pretty to look at.
So, I'm back...I've discovered Pintrest...and I'm writing sexy SWAT men...oh and Jason Statham...pretty much sums everything up! Make sure to check me out on Pintrest and follow me over there for more fun inspiration. Oh, and check back here often because I have some exciting things happening, and will be having some giveaways and announcements!!
For those of you who stuck around here's a little reward for you, because I'm generous like that. (There may have been a theme here...just saying!)



  1. Eye candy is one of the best reasons for Pinterest! Welcome back to writing. You have been a busy editor bee but we all need outlets for the voices in our heads. And isn't Chicago an amazing city? NYC is awesome too but it's a little overwhelming for me as a Midwestern girl

  2. Jen - wish I could have seen more of Chicago than I did! Looking forward to New Orleans next year though.