Thursday, September 8, 2011


Happy Thursday!!

I know that I’m supposed to talk to you all about writing, and books. And other than the rare peek into my crazy life, I think that I do a pretty good job staying on task with that?? BUT today I NEEEEEDD to talk about TV.

That’s right, I’m heading into that medium that only serves to distract us from our reading!

I will admit that I am a TV lover. I always have a TV on, using it for the background noise that most people use music for. In reality, however, there are only a few shows that I actually watch religiously. One of those shows started its fourth season on Tuesday night and I’ve watched it three times already.

If you haven’t seen Sons of Anarchy, you need to! It is an amazing piece of television.

The show is about a motorcycle club (read gang) in a small town in northern California called Charming and how they live, work and play. The best part of the show is that it is so hard NOT to like these people even with all the evil that they do.

The main character is Jax Teller, son of one of the founders of the club (bonus here – he’s played by the super yummy Charlie Hunnam) who wants to do good and make what they do legitimate, but doesn’t know how. The one person who can help him or hurt him the most is his high school girlfriend who he’s always loved, Tara. Tara left after high school, knowing the only way to get out of the lifestyle of the club was to get out of Charming. But when she comes back as a doctor, she and Jax pick up where they left off as teenagers.

.Jax’s life is further complicated by his overbearing, bad ass mother, Gemma (played by the amazing Katey Sagal) who has never known another life. She’s married to the club president, Clay who was Jax’s dad’s best friend before he died in a car accident. Between the two of them, they want to save the club, and keep Jax buried deep in the politics of the club.

Add to all of this, guns, gangs, White Supremists, a dirty ATF agent, the I can't even describe all of the sub plots!

I could NEVER do justice to the writing and plotting of this show. It is the one show that I have to see every week when it is on. I am crying, laughing, holding my breath, sighing (over naked Jax tush!) all in one episode. Be warned that it is a VERY grown up show, and they pull no punches on language, violence, sex and nudity, but I think that’s what makes it so good.

Seasons One through Three are available on Netflix, and season Four just started, so you have time to catch up if you haven’t seen them. Check FX’s listing for when it is on (I’m on Mountain Time, so I never know when ANYTHING is on!!).

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  1. I don't watch much tv at all. It wouldn't bother me to not own a tv but I think Rodney and Eric would strongly object. lol.

  2. Tuesday, hmm...perhaps I could work that in. If nothing else, I can donate my husband to the cause, sounds like his kind of show. That Jax is, well, he can pull of the goatee, that's for sure.

  3. I've never even heard of this show. That's great you love it so much!

  4. I have two shows I never miss. I'm so bad I tend to ignore everyone around me while they are on.

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