Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Bouncing!

Welcome to Thursday!!

I know that I'm a little late today, but life has been happening! It's been one of those weeks when I look around and realize that I'm drowning!!

I've been writing!! So YAY!! Working on my SWAT boys (if you haven't read my story in Omnific's Summer Lovin' Anthology - Heat Wave, there's still time to get it. And all profits go to Save the Tatas!). I think that Gideon might have some competition with Brody. He's quite yummy. I'll have to look for what I see in my head when I write him...hmmmmmm...oh sorry! Drifted off there!

Kiki at Madame D's Boudoir has a new interview up that she did with me! She's doing a giveaway of an ebook, so head over and check it out!! There are some great questions that made me really think.

And just because I love to look at him

Time to BOUNCE!

Here's how this works:

If you are an author, click on "Get the Code Here" to get the link. Copy and paste that link in your blog post. Then hop right on and add your blog url to get added to the list.

If you are a reader, you get to bounce from blog to blog and meet some great new authors and maybe find some new books to read.

So everyone hop on and go for a bounce!


  1. Hi Jessica,
    Are you writing a novel with your SWAT boys? Happy bouncing.

  2. Hi Jen!

    Yes...The SWAT boys are getting their own series!

    And I am a bit bouncy too! I really like these boys!

  3. Hi Jessica. Great interview and the guy above is yummy!

  4. Hi Jessica, it's nice to meet you! I'm bouncing over to introduce myself. I'm listed under Author Blog Bounce cause I messed up my title. :-/ I LOVE the cover of your book! I'll have to check it out.