Monday, July 4, 2011

Big Guns on the Fourth!

Happy 4th of July!!!

And guess what...I'm participating in the Skyrocket in Flight Blog Hop, which means - GIVEAWAY!! I'm giving away an ebook copy of Indivisible randomly drawn from anyone who comments on this post. AND as a bonus I have a prize package that I'm giving away (US/Canada only) which includes a beautiful Indivisible notebook and pen along with bookmark, key chain and a signed copy of Indivisible randomly picked from my followers once I reach 100 followers!

Independence Day is kind of the epitome of summer for Americans – beach, ball games, BBQs, and of course, FIREWORKS!! Now, you can add one more thing to that list…Omnific’s Summer Anthologies which are available tomorrow.

Last week I told you all about the two anthologies (sweet and romantic Summer Breeze or hot and steamy Summer Heat) and that all profits are being donated to Save the Tatas Foundation to help fund breast cancer research. I also talked about how breast cancer has directly impacted my own life (Thank you all for the nice words about my grandma!). What I didn’t talk about last week was my own contribution to the books…

We all know how I feel about a man in uniform – nothing sexier for me – and obviously, that is where I’ve found my inspiration, so as you would expect, my story is about men in uniform; a SWAT team. Yeah, hot men who risk their lives everyday keeping us safe…YUM! And you may have also guessed that my story is in the hot and steamy version. Because really if you’ve got sexy protector men, they need to be having some sexy times!

In Big Guns, after a hot day of training, one of LAPD’s SWAT squads tries to cool off at their favorite Santa Monica club. When young, cocky sniper, AJ Moreno, tries to prove his superiority over his team members by snaking in on element leader, Dylan Clark’s girl…he discovers he picked the wrong SWAT team. Leader Brody Flynn finds a renewed zest for life after a year of tragedy when as he and his best friend, Clark, plot to show the young hot shot that experience will trump cockiness every time.

Here’s a little taste -

One man broke from the group. AJ Moreno headed to the bar without argument, his swagger working overtime as he sliced through the pulsing crowd. On his way, he took stock of the female population, trying to decide which of the scantily clad women writhing on the dance floor would be the lucky recipient of his time and efforts tonight. On a normal night, AJ’s dark Latino features and cocky attitude were more than enough for him to have his pick of any woman he wanted, but today he was on a high after his first day as a member of the SWAT Team, and it showed in his even more exaggerated strut.

The whole squad sat down and Sergeant Brody Flynn, the leader of the squad, tipped his chair back as he watched the newbie work the bar. A smile played on Brody’s lips. He remembered his first day on the team almost eight years ago, that feeling of indestructibility. A day training with high powered weapons tended to get the blood pumping – everywhere. Flynn, himself, had met his wife after a long day of training. He shook his head to rid his mind of thoughts of Delaney. This wasn’t the place for those thoughts. Later, when he was home, he would allow those memories in.

“Damn, Flynn,” AJ said, placing an ice cold beer in front of his new boss. “You look like someone pissed in your Metamucil this morning. We’re at a bar with a bevy of beauties. Stop acting like the old man that you are. Tell you what, big guy, you can have one of my cast offs. That should put a smile on your face.”

“Fuck you, Newbie. You might not want to go popping off when your life is in my hands on a daily basis.” A slow smile slid across Flynn’s lips and AJ wasn’t sure if he was joking or not, but he didn’t concern himself too much with it. He knew Flynn was probably on his way out, considering the guy had to be close to thirty-five already, if not past it.

This little story is a peek into my new book that I’m working on right now about Brody Flynn and his SWAT squad. I’m working on Brody and Delaney’s story right now where we find out what Brody doesn’t want to think about…dun, dun, dun.

AND next week I’ll be doing my review of our latest book club read, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

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