Monday, June 13, 2011

Who's RIght for Sookie?

As promised, today I will be talking about Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris.

As with all the series I read, I found this one through a friend and read the first four in record time (that’s all my friend sent me) and then ran out and bought the next four immediately. And, as with several of the series that I read, I’m ready for Sookie to find “the one” and things to wrap up.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Dead Reckoning, but I didn’t LOVE it. I had to work a little harder to get through this one than I did the last, and I had to work a little harder to get through that one than I did the one before that. I see a pattern forming here. My best friend read it before me, and the only question that I asked was, “Did Sookie get some?”. Because I wasn’t going to even start it if we went the whole book without her getting some good loving!

The one thing that I really do still love about these books is Sookie herself. I love her voice and herself talk. In this latest book, I loved how she justified her grandmother’s indiscretion with the faery and forgave her for simply because she couldn’t judge her considering her own life. Sookie is really the reason that I keep reading.

It seems that the big question in this series is…who is Sookie going to end up with, and I think that in this book Harris gave us a HUGE glimpse into the answer to that question. Dead Reckoning was FILLED with Sookie thinking just a little too much about Sam and who he was with. Let me just say that I called this two years ago after reading Definitely Dead where she was with Quinn. Here’s the explanation that I have been giving anyone who will listen for the past two years (you can even ask my book girls that I’ve had this theory since waaaaayyy before Dead Reckoning came out and it became so obvious that Sam was going to be Sookie’s “the one”.).

I’ll start at the beginning with Bill. I liked Bill a lot, and kind of feel sorry for him still being in love with Sookie and having to watch her with Eric now. I think Bill was gentle and caring with Sookie and because he had been in a loving marriage before he became a vamp, he had the ability to truly love Sookie. BUT…being a vampire, he will always be at the mercy of those above him, and even though Lorena’s dead…Sookie will NEVER be first for him.

Then there was Alcide. I will admit that I LOVED Alcide…AT FIRST. When he turned out to be such a douche bag, I was really upset. With Alcide I thought he would be good for her; able to protect her from all the supernatural beings she seems to attract AND be able to make her the most important thing in his life. I was wrong! Once again, something else had to come first (in this case the pack when he became pack leader).

Next came my absolute favorite of Sookie’s lovers, Quinn. A tall muscled up bald man who can turn into a tiger?? Holy crap, hold me back!! I hoped beyond hope that this would be Sookie’s perfect match. And once again I was duped! Unlike Alcide, however, I have to actually like him more for the reason that things will never work for him and Sookie – he has to take care of his mother and his sister. So Sookie, as usual has to take a back seat to someone. I was very upset that Quinn didn’t work out.

Now, unlike most of my friends, I’m not an Eric fan. I know, I know…I’m sure that there will be tons of you who moan at that. I mean yes, he is a hot Viking vamp, but he’s also arrogant and uncaring about others – and I dated enough of those in my past that I have absolutely NO attraction to him. And because he is a vampire once again, he will never be able to put Sookie first. His area and his rulers will always come before her.

On a side note, one thing that absolutely drove me crazy in Dead Reckoning is why Sookie didn’t use the cluviel dor to wish that Eric didn’t have to marry the Queen of Oklahoma? It had to be used with love behind it, and since she loves Eric, then keeping him from having to marry someone else should have qualified for that use? I kept waiting for her to figure that out and use it for that reason. My only guess is that it will come into play in the next book?

Okay back to my predictions of who is going to be “the one” for Sookie…

All of these men aren’t ever going to be able to put Sookie at the top of their priority list, and that is what Sookie needs in her life. She has never been the most important to anyone in her life. As a child, her mother was too caught up in the faeness of her father and didn’t really pay much attention to the children. Then even with her grandmother, Sookie was second to Jason. There is a scene in the first book when Sookie and her grandmother are talking and eating lunch when Jason walks in and all attention is on Jason, the conversation that Sookie was having totally forgotten (now maybe it was more that Jason commanded attention, but either way Jason took the priority for their grandmother). Sookie NEEDS to be #1 in someone’s life. AND that’s why I have been saying for several books that she will end up with Sam.

While Sam had to deal with his mother being shot after she exposed herself, she doesn’t consume his entire world and he is free to put Sookie where she needs to be. Sookie would fit into his life and already works in the bar (and in Dead Reckoning even stepped in to do some of that paperwork that Sam hates so much…exactly what a spouse would do??). Sam usually changes into a dog, but he is a true shifter and has the ability to change into anything that he wants so he could protect Sookie. He is perfect for her! And in Dead Reckoning, I believe that Harris is setting us up for that ending. Mark my words…

So, I’ll keep reading because I do love Sookie and am so invested in her that I HAVE to know what happens to her (and of course see if I’m right).

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  1. Oh, I like Sam. I've not read the books and only barely watched the first season of the TV series, but Sam seemed like he could go for the long haul. And when it all wraps up, I'll remember that YOU were the one who predicted it. ;)

    Congratulations on ANOTHER awesome review!

  2. I've only read the first book and found it entertaining but not gripping, so I haven't read more. Haven't seen the show either. It sounds like there are lots of yummy boyfriends for Sookie!

  3. I skimmed through a lot of this series. I liked it, hated it, liked it again. The last book was terrible and gave up. I'm not planning on reading anymore. Enough's enough, I say. I liked Quinn a lot too, bummed that didn't work. So if I had to pick, I'd say Sam.

  4. Sam=Boo!!!
    Eric= Yummy fun times ;)
    Quinn= Partner (after his momma bites the dust)lol

  5. I agree with Cheryl, I want Quinn's mom to die and come back to Sookie because I think he would put Sookie first. And because I love him too!! I agree with you on that is was not my favorite book. I felt it just kind of trotted along and was not as exciting as past books.