Monday, May 30, 2011

Who's Who Part II

First things first, I want to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and say thank you to all the men and women who serve our country. I truly am thankful for all the sacrifices that our military members and their families make every day.

I have to share with you all what I woke up to this morning. Let me say again that it is May 30th, Memorial Day. And this is a picture of my backyard this morning!! I am not joking!! There won’t be any BBQing at my house today!

So…let’s talk about Indivisible! I hope everyone got a chance to check out Jessica Subject’s Mark of the Stars blog for the great review and interview she did this week. Last week I promised that I would give you a glimpse of how I viewed some of the other characters from Indivisible so I’ve spent the weekend searching for who I picture when I think of Evelyn, Peter, Chance and Gabby.

Evelyn Cooper is probably one of the hardest characters for me to give a visual on for my readers. See, her insight and mothering is based on my own mom, who looks NOTHING like Evelyn Cooper in the book. Her description in the book had to be one that matched her lifestyle and the description of her sons to a degree, and that’s not my mom. So really when I read Evelyn, I see a shorter, rounder, darker haired woman with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes…that’s my mom. But, since Jessica Lange I think would be a great Evelyn. I think that she has the class and sophistication to pull of the doctor’s wife in La Jolla, but would also be that tough mom of two boys who could command respect from them.

Dr. Peter Cooper is the voice of reason to Evelyn’s emotional matriarch. While he knows that his wife has all the best intentions, and for the most part will let her have her way, Peter Cooper knows when it is necessary to step in and rein her in. Without the balance of Peter, Evelyn would definitely try to run her sons’ lives and would only succeed in running them off. This one was kind of hard too because all the blonde actors are either too young or too old (I really have a Robert Redfordish look in mind) but then I came across Aaron Eckhart and thought he was perfect. He has that authoritative look about him and I think he would be able to control Evelyn.

When I went looking for Chance, Charlie’s twin brother, the person that kept coming up was Rupert Grint from Harry Potter. And while I do think that Ron is adorable, he isn’t what I see when I picture Chance. Since my idea of Charlie is a younger Nicole Kidman, I really needed someone who could match up with her. I came across this picture of Paul Bettany with red hair. Chance’s hair is a little darker than Charlie’s, and I think this works perfectly.

And finally, Gabby – Chance’s fiancĂ©e whose emotions rule her world. At first I was thinking JLo would be the one that fit Gabby, but when I started looking, I found this picture of Penelope Cruz and she was Gabby. She has that look of being a little bit of sass and over protectiveness that Gabby has. I think she would be a perfect match for the Chance that I picked too!

So that rounds out the cast of characters for Indivisible. What do you think? Who did you picture as Gabby? I really loved everyone’s comments on Gideon, Charlie, Tyson and Paige, and can’t wait to read what you all think this time around!
I will be on vacation with the family next week, so there may not be a post from me?? I know that there is a way to schedule them, and if my sad little techtarded self can figure it out I will try to do that. Otherwise I will be back on June 13th (if Shamu doesn’t eat me!!).

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  1. OMG all that snow! It's freaking 90 and humid in Ohio today--so different.

    I loved your choices for the characters. Jessica Lange is beautiful and strong (have you ever seen the movie Men Don't Leave? Love it). And Aaron Eckhart is a great Dr. Cooper.

  2. Loved the review with all of the pictures. Great piece. Thanks. I am a new follower and would love a follow back on my blog when you have a moment. I am going to visit the above author pages as well. Donna