Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Hoppin' Blog Hop - DAY 2

Howdy "Peeps"!!

It's day two of the Easter Hop Giveaway started by JoJo's Book Corner and lushbookreviews, and I've decided to sweeten the pot a little...I'm adding a $10 Gift Card for Amazon or B&N to my giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment before midnight on April 17th. I will announce the winner in my normal post (which is a really good one this week) on the Meet an Author Monday Blog Hop!

For those of you who are new and just stopping by on the hop, I thought that it would be a good idea to introduce myself...

I'm a Stay-at-Home-Mom of Irish Twins (actually born in the same year) who keep me busy all the time. In between their various activities, I discovered that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.

My first book was a collaborative effort with Alison Oburia called Passion Fish. While working on Passion Fish, I really found my voice in a strong female and her equally strong man. So from there I thought that I should write what I love, and I do love a man in uniform...and a Navy SEAL is the ultimate for me. That thought became Indivisible.

I want to share one of my favorite lines from Indivisible:

Charlie tried to fight the tears she felt welling behind her eyes.
“Let me tell you something about my boys. Don’t get me wrong—I love both Tyson and Gideon more than anything in this world. But I learned long ago that I have to love them without expectations.” - Evelyn Cooper

Loving without expectations is what life is about!

Thanks for stopping by today - tomorrow I will share an exerpt!

And don't forget to visit all the other fun blogs for more chances at giveaways!

What - Easter Hoppin Blog Hop Giveaways
When - 12:01 AM April 15th until 11:59 PM April 17th
Where - All around the blogging world!


  1. I'm not sure which post to comment on, so I picked this one since no one is here. haha. Did you say you had two children born in the same year but not at the same time? Girl, You Crazy? I have room to talk, I have two girls that are 18 months apart and then the next two are 2 years apart. Now they're all teens! UGH! Anyway, thanks for the giveaway and I follow your blog.

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  2. HAHA!! Yes, my daughter was born in January and my son in November. THey are 10 1/2 months apart...definitely NOT planned.

    Thanks for following!!

  3. I've read the description of Indivisible and I oved it! =)
    Thank you for the giveaway and I wish you happy Easter, again :P

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  8. Great giveaway. Count me in please.

  9. Thanks to your husband for serving this country and for your support as well. I really respect your family!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  10. I commented on the first blog post.

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  14. I don't know, I think having two kids so close is the way to go lol. Get it all done and over with. Mine are four years apart and as soon as I think the first is finally out of a stage, here comes the second :)

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!


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  20. Thanks so much for the giveaway :) I have only 1 daughter(6 in June) so far. But my brother and I are 1 year and 10 days apart.

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  21. Oh man, I've got three kids and my younger two are 18 months apart. Craziness :) Thanks so much for the giveaway


  22. I only have one son, I never got my daughter, but I now have 6 stepdaughters, 4 who were adopted and all together 21 grand children and 2 great grand children....

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    ps: and I just learned the term what Irish twins mean (English is not my mother tongue)

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  27. Bless you for managing Irish twins! I look forward to reading Passion Fish one of these days. Loved Indivisible.

  28. HAHA! Jen...I never said I managed them - just that I have them! Most of the time they manage me!

  29. sheesh two babies in one year. I know you are no stranger to hard work lol and your book sounds good I will check it out further.
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  30. Holy moly, Jessica! You are amazing--my kids were more than 2 years apart, and I still had trouble getting anything done! I'm glad you're pursuing your passion and setting a great example for yours!

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  33. I only have one son. Raising two kids close in age seems to be a tough job for sure :)!

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