Monday, March 14, 2011

Who's Who and Other Fun!!

Happy Monday!!

Before we get to the promised post of who I picture as my characters in Indivisible, I have a few things that I wanted to talk about.

First, I already told you about the great review and interview on P.S. I Love Books last week, and now they have added an ebook giveaway so go check it out and get in on the giveaway.

And there are two more great reviews of Indivisible up (I am so happy with how people have been receiving the story!). A Trail of Books Left Behind and fellow Omnific author of the Behavior series, Jennifer Lane's blog, Jennifer Lane Books Blog both made me smile big with the kind things that they said about Gideon and Charlie. (And on a side note, if you like a sexy sailor, check out Jennifer's With Good Behavior and Bad Behavior with her McSailor).

Finally, I promised to give away 3 ebooks of Indivisible!! I randomly chose from my followers and here are the winners: KarenG, dstaceywrites, hnwhitlock2000! I will be getting in contact with all of you to get you your ebook of Indivisible! Congratulations!!

AND NOW...I promised that I would share who I think of when I'm playing with my characters from Indivisible. Now I'm not saying that these are the end all be all, just how I imagine them when they are talking to me in my head as I write.


This will come as no surprise to anyone who has read any of my interviews. The actual inspiration for my sexy Navy SEAL was Kellan Lutz. I love the curly blonde Kellan! Just imagine him with a black t-shirt stretched across that impressive chest...oh I need a moment!
And, while I only dream that one day I could see Indivisible on the big screen, I really want it to happen in the next few years, because I would INSIST on Kellan playing the role of Gideon!
(By the way...tomorrow is Kellan's 26th birthday!One day I will tell the story about how life happened and I got to meet (and touch) Kellan.)


Now I KNOW that she is waaay too old now, but I picture Charlie very Nicole Kidmanish. She has that perfect silky skin and the beautiful strawberry blonde hair that I picture Charlie having.
I can picture her going through all of the emotional rollercoaster ups and downs that Charlie has to go through in the story and still being able to pull off being "normal".


Tyson is probably the hardest for me to define. I have such a clear picture of Gideon, and obviously he is exactly my perfect trying to find someone who is equally as gorgeous, with the right coloring but a different body type was difficult. BUT I finally did it.
Charlie Hunnam is about as close as I could get. I love him on Sons of Anarchy, but when he was younger, his body was a little more how I picture Tyson (I'm a bigger fan of the older little buffer SoA Charlie). And this picture of him reminds me of the Southern California surfer look that Tyson sports.


Finally, Paige. Another hard one for me because I wanted someone who not only had the right characteristics, but also someone who you could see Paige's personality. I came up with Kate Hudson. I can picture the scene when Gideon comes out of the house and Kate Hudson's surprised expression upon seeing his size, and then that infectous laughter at Tyson's reaction. I think that she's beautiful, bubbly, smart and funny...just the kind of girl to tame Tyson.

Okay, I know you all have your own ideas and I would love to hear them!! So your turn to share!!

I'm working on a few out takes coming soon!


  1. I love Kate and Nic. I actually think both are perfect as shown in the images. I didn't see Kellen at all, even though I had an idea I was meant to. lol. I think I have gone overboard watching Dear John recently and could only see Channing Tatum's face. :-)

  2. I could get on board with Channing! I think he is adorable, and the Dear John thing has him in that uniform!

    Yeah, just assume that all the leading men in my stories are Kellan...hahaha!!

  3. Well, looks like you're all set for Hollywood! These are all great picks. Love Kate Hudson---a perfect Paige.

  4. Congratulations to the e-book winners! They'll love Indivisible. That picture of Kellen is yum yum with a cherry on top! I didn't picture Nicole Kidman as Charlie but it's good to see who you were visualizing. Kate Hudson is adorable.