Monday, March 21, 2011

Love at First Sight, Do You Believe?

Happy Monday!!

A common theme in a lot of what I read is an instant moment where one or the other characters fall in love. Usually, that's the driving force of the whole love story as the one who had the instant reaction persues their true love. In Indivisible, Charlie and Gideon's relationship happens quickly, but their love for each other is deep and they jump in with both feet!

So, I was wondering if people really could buy into the "Love at First Sight" concept? Can you absolutely KNOW that you love someone in an instant or is it just lust? Will a relationship that starts so quickly without all the build up last?

I totally belive in love at first sight, and I'll tell you why...I've experienced it. I thought that the best way to explain why I believe in it, and why I think that Charlie and Gideon will always be together is to tell the story about how I met my husband.

When I was about 15 (I'm sure I just lost a bunch of you...but stay with me and you'll see where I'm going! I surely don't think that at 15 love at first sight is everlasting.)my mom would always go to the same gas station in town. There was a guy who worked there who I thought was SUPER cute (he looked like Speed Racer - the cartoon from the 70s - who I'd had a crush on as a 5 year old!).
My mom and I would always joke about how "Speed Racer" was working that day when she'd see him. Well, flash forward about a year and I got my first a fast food place right next to the gas station. That was when I had a real name for my Speed Racer.

Over a few months, my friend and I got to know him and his friend, and eventually he asked me out.

It lasted all of about 2 weeks! (All I can say is that I was 16 and fickle.)

We would still see each other around town, but I'd gotten another job, and eventually he went into the Navy.

A few months after I knew that he went into the Navy, I was driving down the freeway and turned my head to the left...and there he was! He ended up following me off the freeway and asked me to go out with him that night. He was still pretty cute, so I said I would.

IT WAS THE WORST DATE I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!! (And I'm pretty sure he'd say the same thing.) I was home by eight, changed and then went out with my girlfriends. That was that!

Or so I thought...

Skip ahead two years. It was around Christmas and we had just gone out to get our tree that day. I was in the apartment alone, decorating it (wearing sweats and old t-shirt with my hair in a ponytail - looking BEAUTIFUL!) when there was a knock on the screen door. Thinking that it was just a neighbor, I called out for them to come in. When I turned around...HE was standing there.

It felt like time actually stopped for a few seconds as I suddenly heard a whisper in my ear that I was going to marry him. I just KNEW with everything in me that I was going to marry the man standing in front of me.

Two weeks later, we were engaged.

And twenty-one years later I still wonder what it was in that one moment that made me know he was the one for me. If someone had told me when I was first dating my husband at 16 that I would end up marrying him, I would have laughed. I mean I thought that he was cute and all, but marry him?? NO WAY! Then there was the disatorous date...that right there should have been reason enough to write him off as a potential husband. Then BAM! it just hit destiny.

Now, I realize that this wasn't EXACTLY "love at first sight", but it really was. I knew in that one moment after knowing this man for three years. Why was it that time, and not the time before? I really think that life has a plan for us, and so maybe "love at first sight" is how that plan is supposed to play out because you will never cross paths again if you don't act then?

So, the lesson is that when the universe whispers...listen!

I have a few hot sexin' out takes from Indivisible that I will share next week! Make sure to check back!

And if you didn't see my St. Patrick's Day post you could definitely check it out! Green is one of my favorite colors!

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  1. That is probably one of the cutest things I've ever read!

  2. I LOVE that you married Speed Racer! Hee hee. Thank you for sharing that incredible story. Before reading that I'd have given a cynical response that I believe in "infatuation at first sight", not love at first sight, but just because it hasn't happened to me doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I definitely believe that there's chemistry or there's not at the first meeting, and it's hard to change that.

  3. NKR - thanks!! It is completely true!

    Jen - should always believe that something magical CAN happen when you meet the right person!

  4. I had a crush on Speed Racer too!

    That is a sweet story---I think I like it even better for the earlier times when you were like "No way." I do believe love at first sight can happen, just not to me.