Monday, March 28, 2011

Indivisible Extras!

Happy Monday everyone!!

Today I have a little smexy treat for all of you! I have two little sexin' scenes that didn't make it into the final edit.


The two extras are for grown ups!! Charlie and Gideon get to know each other...really well!

The first extra is frome when Charlie and Gideon first get to the hotel in Vegas after leaving the bar in San Diego. The chemistry between them is...combustible!

Extra 1

The elevator ride to the room was torture. Gideon’s hands never left Charlie’s body as he held her against him all the way to the 34th floor. Charlie was not the type of woman who had one night stands, and she definitely wasn’t the type to run off to Las Vegas with a guy she’d just met. But here she was with Gideon and she had never wanted any man the way she wanted him.

Charlie O’Conner was not the type to believe in love at first sight, but when she’d seen Gideon in the bar, she just knew that he was the man that she was meant to be with. Was that love at first sight? Charlie really didn’t know, but right at that moment, it didn’t matter. She felt safe and this felt right.

Gideon’s hardened length was pressed into Charlie’s backside, and all the fluids in her body had rushed to the spot between her legs.

When the doors opened to their floor, Gideon dragged Charlie down the hall behind him. Stopping at a door, he slid the card, but couldn’t steady his hand enough to do it right and kept getting the red light.

“Fuck!” He glanced over at Charlie, a look of apology on his face. “Sorry, baby. But I really need to be in this room so we don’t get arrested. The things that I want to do to you would definitely land me in the brig.”

Smiling at him, Charlie took the card out of his hand. Smoothly running the card through the machine, she was rewarded with a green light. As she opened the door, Gideon pushed against her body. Again Charlie felt his hardness pressing into her. The feeling was glorious, and her mind wandered to what he would soon be doing with that impressive length. A smile slid onto her face.

“Are you thinking dirty thoughts, Charlie?” The door clicked closed and at that same moment, Gideon pushed her against it. His hands explored every inch of her body.

The feel of his hands on her bare thigh as he moved up under her skirt made Charlie’s body quiver in anticipation. Gideon’s fingers brushed against the lace of her panties. Charlie was suddenly embarrassed at how wet they were.

“Damn, baby. You are so wet already, and I haven’t even shown you my best moves yet.” Gideon’s smile grew as he moved his lips to capture Charlie’s. She opened her mouth to him, eager to taste him again.

Their tongues met, moving in sync. Gideon’s fingers pushed aside the lace of her panties, brushing against her sensitive bud. Charlie shuddered. His name escaped her lips in a low hiss.

“Charlie, I want to hear that again tonight,” he whispered into her ear.

Don’t think that will be a problem. Charlie’s mind was in overdrive at the feel of this man touching her. She wanted more.

Gideon’s hands slowly followed the contours of her body until he found the top button of her blouse. Moving his lips to Charlie’s neck, Gideon kissed and sucked his way along her collarbone to the space between her breasts. As he undid each button, his mouth followed, leaving a heated trail. Charlie reached for his hardness, wanting to feel him too. Quickly, his hand shot out to stop her.

“Charlie, we’ll get to that, but first, I need to see you.” He spoke from between her breasts.

When Gideon finally finished with the last button, Charlie’s shirt fell to the floor. The gasp that escaped him was more of a moan, and Charlie could have sworn she heard him whisper something that sounded like, perfection.

Before Charlie could react, his lips descended on Charlie’s still covered nipple. The pressure she felt between her legs increased as Gideon pulled the hardened peak deeply into his mouth, his tongue constantly moving in circles. The feeling was exquisite.

While Gideon’s mouth was busy giving untold pleasure, his hands slid down, finding the zipper of Charlie’s skirt. Slowly lowering it to the floor, he again stood back to admire her body. No one had ever looked at Charlie that way. The look in his eyes was more than desire or want; he was in awe.

“God, Charlie. I have never seen something so perfect,” Gideon cooed, his hand moving to lie against her neck, his thumb stroking the sensitive skin under her ear. Charlie simply melted into him.

Picking Charlie up, Gideon carried her to the edge of the bed and knelt between her legs. She was surprised when her bra slipped from her shoulders. He’d undone it as he’d carried her to the bed. Impressive.

Gideon leaned into Charlie and captured her pert nipple in his mouth, his teeth lightly grazing it as he sucked and licked. If the feeling before was incredible, there were no words to describe the new sensations Charlie was feeling.

With a small tug at her panties, Gideon let Charlie know what he wanted. She easily complied by lifting her butt to allow him to pull them off. As she lay totally exposed to this glorious fully clothed man, Charlie thought about how she would normally have felt vulnerable and would have tried to cover herself, but with Gideon she didn’t feel that. All she could think about was that she never wanted him to stop and that she needed him to be naked too…soon.

The kisses moved further down across Charlie’s stomach. Gideon brushed across her now aching center, causing her hips to buck up. She couldn’t take the time to think about how wonderful it felt as he slipped a finger inside her. Charlie fell back onto the bed as Gideon’s mouth and fingers worked together to bring her to the brink of orgasm.

Just when Charlie knew she was about to splinter apart, Gideon was suddenly gone. When she dared to open her eyes, he was already undressed. Her gaze fell on his impressive member. Charlie don’t know if she was more surprised or scared, but whichever it was, it disappeared as soon as she realized that Gideon was hovering over her.

Charlie wanted this glorious perfection of man under her. Quickly, using the element of surprise, she flipped their position so that she was over him.

“Niiiiice.” Gideon’s voice was heavy with want, and Charlie knew if she didn’t feel him moving inside her, she might die. She moved to straddle him, snaking her hand to firmly grasp his impressive cock, guiding him to where she needed him. Lowering herself onto his length, Charlie hissed his name again.

“Told you I would make you do that again,” he said as he looked up at her, nothing but love and admiration in his eyes. Gideon placed his hands on Charlie’s hips, and began to move. Charlie thought she would explode into a million pieces.

After establishing a rhythm for the two of them, Gideon released her hips, and his hands began to worship all Charlie’s curves. When his thumb brushed against her most sensitive spot once again, she lost control and felt the wave of perfect ecstasy wash over her. Her orgasm sent Gideon over the edge as well. Charlie never looked away from him as they both rode out their simultaneous pleasure.

“That was the best, experience of my life, Charlie,” Gideon whispered as he gently lifted her off him. He wrapped his body around hers, holding her to him. Charlie stayed there for only a short time before she felt that pull to have all of Gideon be part of her again.


This next one is after Charlie and Gideon had returned to San Diego and were living with his parents for a few days since he lived in the barracks and she lived in the dorms. The couple was getting ready to move into their own apartment, and had gone to pick up Gideon's stuff from the barracks...enjoy!

Extra 2

Opening the door to his barracks room, Gideon was a little nervous for Charlie to see it. He was glad there wouldn’t be a repeat of the scene at his parent’s house because fortunately, there were no posters of scantily clad super models on the walls. In fact, this room was surprisingly sparse, with a small twin bed, an open closet with all his uniforms, and a desk. The only hints that this was actually Gideon’s room were the name plate on the door and several family pictures that hung over the desk.

Gideon watched as Charlie looked around, a smile crossing her beautiful lips. She brushed her long fingers over the shoulders of his hanging uniforms.

“I bet you are damn sexy in your dress uniforms, Joe.” Her hand came to rest on Gideon’s chest, and just her touch made his dick instantly harden.

Charlie’s hand slid down his body, brushing across Gideon’s now rock hard cock, causing him to let out a low hiss. She smiled as she turned and walked away from him.

Oh hell no! We are alone with no one to walk in on us, and she is going to tease me? Gideon’s whole body was screaming at him that he needed to take his wife right then.

It seemed that Charlie put an extra wiggle into her hips as she took the few steps to cross the room. She stopped at the desk and leaned over to get a better look at the pictures, her skirt riding up a little so Gideon caught a glimpse of her glorious ass in a black thong.
He moved in behind her, pushing his hardness into her exposed backside. Charlie let out a sexy moan, causing Gideon to almost lose it right then. Trying to regain control, he wrapped an arm around her waist while the other slid down her side to find the smooth skin of her bare thigh. Gideon leaned into her, placing a kiss on her neck.

“You shouldn’t have bent over like that, baby. It’s been three days since you let me touch you, and I can’t control myself,” he whispered into her ear as his hand slid up under her skirt. Charlie’s panties were already wet. “But that was your plan wasn’t it?”

The sound of her laughter only made Gideon want her more. She had planned this—worn that skirt and thong just to get him take her, here.

Gideon’s fingers pushed the lacey thong aside and glided easily over her slickness, finding that sensitive spot that made Charlie’s head snap back and a wonderful, orgasm producing moaning of his name escape her lips.

“Gideon…mmm…I need you. Right. Now.”

“Baby, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to tell you no, but I can guarantee that I will never say it to those words.”

Gideon slid his hand up under her shirt and pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it with gentle pressure. Keeping a rhythm on both her perfect peak and her point of pleasure at the apex of her legs caused Charlie’s body to arch back against his, her ass rubbing against Gideon’s straining cock.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” he demanded. Gideon wanted to hear his new wife talk dirty to him. He couldn’t think of anything that would be a bigger turn on.

Charlie’s hand reached back and began to stroke him through the material of his pants. “I want you to make me cum, Joe. I want you to take me until I can’t take anymore and I have to scream out in release.”

Fuucck! Gideon’s mind exploded at the words Charlie had just spoken. She was normally shy during their love making, amazing and completely on board with everything Gideon wanted and did, but he had yet to hear her say anything even remotely dirty, and it was sexy as hell.

Gideon turned her around, looking into Charlie’s eyes as he lifted her top over her head. He undid her bra and let it fall to the ground, moving to capture her perfect breast in his mouth. When Gideon bit down lightly a deep throaty moan filled the room.

While Gideon was busy reveling in the sounds and tastes of his wife, her hands were busily working on his pants. Cool air hit his thighs as she finally succeeded in getting Gideon’s pants and boxers off in one swift motion. His dick, finally free, had a mind of its own and caused Gideon’s hips to buck into Charlie’s still panty covered core. He couldn’t waste anymore time. He needed to have that tight wetness wrapped around him.

Easily pushing Charlie’s skirt up so it was bunched around her waist, Gideon ripped the small piece of lace from her body.

“Joe, I liked those.”

“I’ll buy you new ones,” Gideon growled as he pinned her to the cold brick of the wall behind her. Like they’d been doing this together for years instead of days, Charlie wrapped her legs around him. All Gideon could concentrate on was the heaven of her wetness as he slid into her. He used the advantage of having the wall behind her to free one hand, which Gideon used to caress her body, ending at her sensitive spot. It took only two strokes of his finger over her bud for Gideon to feel her clench around him and pull an orgasm from him.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Gideon yelled out as he rode that wonderful orgasmic wave. He could hear Charlie whispering his name, but his own explosion had drowned it out.

Suddenly the door flew open. Gideon froze.

Fortunately, his body covered Charlie’s, and while whoever was there was getting a great view of his ass, none of her goodies were on display.

“What’s wrong, Coop-“ The words died in the air as laughter broke out from what Gideon could tell was a group of his team members. Gideon swore to himself that he was going to kill those guys.

“Umm…little busy here,” he growled without even turning his head.

The door abruptly closed and the room was silent for a minute.

“I’m glad we’re going to have our own place.” Charlie laughed.

Gideon silently agreed as he wrapped his wife in his arms. Once they were in their new apartment, he planned on christening every room without fear of being walked in on again…and again.

Hope you liked those!

A big thank you to my editor who made sure all my commas were in place (I suck at commas!) - I do love you so, darling!

Next week I think we will be talking about JR Ward's new release Lover Unleashed??? (I will be reading it tonight when it downloads on my Kindle at midnight!!)

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