Monday, February 7, 2011

What's in a Name?

I have been working on a new story the past couple of weeks, and realized that one of my favorite parts is getting to name my characters. I love to scour the baby name sites and find the exact right name for the character that I’m building. It gives me a chance to explore all of those names that I had to give up when I only had two kids.Because let’s be honest, that is one of the funnest parts of being pregnant when you make your list of names and your significant other tells you about the girl in school who was easy with this name, or the guy who used to torture him with that name, until you have that one perfect name. Well, with writing, I get to find all of those names that never would have passed muster with my husband and they are my new babies.

My new SWAT guys have manly names like Brody and Dane, because really it’s hard to write about Roger and Bob caressing a woman’s thigh.
I mean if you know someone named Roger or Bob, that’s what you picture. And what if Bob is your boss at work who is balding and has bad breath? But the chances are a little less that you know Brody or Dane, so when you read about them trailing a tongue into the valley of his woman’s breasts…you see what I mean?

When I was writing Indivisible, I went looking for the perfect name for my protective Navy SEAL. I went letter by letter on a baby name site, discarding Aaron (mountain) and Brendon (Prince) and a host of others until I came across the perfect name for my hero…Gideon. The meaning of Gideon is MIGHTY WARRIOR! How could I go wrong with that? He is smart, and a warrior and fierce when it comes to protecting his country and his family (I swooned a little there).

So now I had Gideon, but who could be enough for him? I needed a woman who was feminine, but strong. This was a harder job than getting to Gideon. This had to be a name that could be moaned at the height of passion and yelled at the height of anger. She is a character that had so many sides to her that I needed a name that would reflect that…no easy feat. Again, I went to the baby name site and waded through all the Lindsays (uncertain) and Baileys (bailiff), and while they are great names, they didn’t quite fit for my character. Then I found it…Charlotte but she likes to be called Charlie. Charlie means little and womanly, and then when you shorten it, you get the feeling of her strength (and I had wanted to name my daughter Charlie – not Charlotte, just Charlie – after her father, but he wouldn’t let me).

So, as I work my new boys, I am having fun in these early stages building their characters through their names. Though my husband gets nervous every time he sees me with the baby name site open, he glances at our two kids who are only 10 months apart, and asks in a shaky voice, “You’re writing a new character, right?”


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  1. I just found your blog on twitter. I'm not an author, but an aspiring writer. Congrats on publication.

  2. Ha ha, your husband's reaction to you looking at baby names is great! I love naming my characters too, especially characters from countries other than the U.S. I actually named a Serbian bad guy in my second novel "Darko" hee hee. I'm looking forward to reading the adventures of Gideon and Charlie.