Monday, February 21, 2011

Never Say Never...

Today’s post is going to be a “Life Happened” moment. I’ve been having a hard time lately watching my kids get bigger and more mature. Don’t get me wrong…I want my kids to grow up and I do love to see them change, but it just seems to be happening so fast. It‘s small things that make my heart hurt like when my daughter does her own hair for school (I of course make sure she tells EVERYONE that she did it!) or my son doesn’t want me to help him with his homework. Even though my kids are still young, some days I get a glimpse of the future, and I’m not ready to give up being their mom.

So, last weekend I took my kids to see Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. I have an eight year old girl and a seven year old boy. Now, you would expect that my daughter would have been donning her Bieber gear and begging me to take her to see this…but no. It was actually my son who was the one asking me for two days when we could go see it.

Let me explain a little something – my son has ALWAYS liked the girls. When he was around 18 months old, my moms group had a Miss Georgia contestant, whose platform was early reading, come to a meeting and read a book to the kids. She was adorable; long blond hair, cute little figure. She was wearing a suit with nylons and everything. While she was reading the book, my son stood next to her and rubbed her leg the whole time (even when I kept pulling him away). Then at 2 years old, he faked drowning to get a cute 17 year old life guard to come help him. I know he was faking because I was standing two feet from him and when I realized what he was doing, told him to stand up…and he did.

That being said, my son loves Justin Bieber! He listens on his MP3 player and then sings and does the moves for me, he wears the hood up on his sweatshirt all the time now, and tries to give me a little pouty brooding look. For Valentine’s Day he gave out Justin Bieber cards, and when one boy tried to make fun of him, he said, “Whose Valentime (my kids think that it is “time” instead of “tine” and I think it’s too cute and don’t correct them) did she like the best?” My son, in a nutshell wants to be Justin Bieber for the girls!!

I was dreading doing this…and I mean offering them other things to not to have to go see this movie. Going into the movie, my thought was , “Really? The life story of a 16 year old…” I will admit that I am not well versed on The Biebs, but I couldn’t imagine that spending and hour and a half watching the life and times of a successful 16 year old would be a fun time. I was WRONG!!
This movie was absolutely amazing. Now, don’t get me wrong…I don’t quite suffer from Bieber Fever (he’s not even 17 and I think even his dad would be too young for me!!), but the sheer talent of this kid is astounding. And watching his story and how he was discovered is like this generation’s version of the Lana Turner at the soda fountain story.

There were a few times that I actually teared up while watching. There was one point towards the end of the movie when Justin wasn’t feeling good and he had to cancel a show. He really felt bad about that and wanted to argue, but his “people” (and I use that lightly, because they really are people who take care of him and more like a family) took the decision out of his hands. Then when his mom showed up in the next city, he went right to her and hugged her. As a mom…I cried. I know how when my kids are sick all they want to do is curl up with me, and I can’t imagine what it’s like for him trying to be a grown-up, but still needing to be that kid.

While watching the movie, both my kids were silent and still…that NEVER happens. My kids are seasoned movie goers (that is probably the one thing I miss most about my before kids life – just going to the movies whenever I wanted, so now we go to pretty much every kid’s movie that comes out. I saw Alpha & Omega in the theatres!), but they are kids so they do what kids do when sitting in one place for two hours – they squirm. Not during this one. They were glued. My son, who normally is a “line repeater” (you know that person who keeps repeating lines they liked from the movie??) didn’t say a word. This had me a little bit worried. I worried that after watching THOUSANDS of girls screaming that he would question his own liking of Justin Bieber. But no, he is still a fan – but I’m not allowed to mention it in public.

This makes me sad. I see it as another sign that he’s not going to be my little man for much longer because he’s starting to worry about what people might think or say about him. I love my daring, wild little boy, and I know one day soon he won’t tell me he loves me as he gets out of the car for school in the morning, and he won’t run and jump into my arms when I show up to volunteer in his class. But, after seeing Never Say Never, I have hope that he will still need me on some days. If the biggest pop star in the world still needs his mom then surely my silly son will too!

In the end, I think that I was impressed with how once he wanted something he went for it. He wasn’t pushed into it by his parents the decision was all his. I like to think that my kids will have a little of that, and that no matter what people tell them they keep going. I hope that they don’t wait until they are in their 40s to decide to pursue what they want and love in life, like I did. I know that I will be there for them and help and encourage them with whatever they decide to do!


  1. I wouldn't have thought anyone could make me want to go see a movie about Justin Bieber. Huh... :-)

  2. I know!! I went into it with dread...but now I'm trying to get everyone I know to go see it!! HAHA!

  3. I got a little teary reading this, just like I got a little teary at the movie. Like you I was hesitant to go. In fact there was a conversation with BF regarding who's turn it was to suffer through it. BF got Fred so I had this... in 3D. lol.
    Eric is 15 and special needs so he normally likes movies meant for a slightly younger crowd. He Loves his music, he plays drums, guitar and keyboard. After seeing Justin, I now know why I'm telling Eric to pull his jeans up every two minutes. lol. Clearly the style is boxers on display.
    The teen scene in Ireland is not the same as the states. Twilight does not open to sold out cinemas, YA books don't fly off the shelves, in fact they sort of fall off from overcrowding and not being sold. There was no cinema of screaming girls for Never say Never. I counted 10 people including us and only 3 were girls!
    Justin works hard and after seeing the movie I can honestly say deserves his success and is a good role model in showing kids anything is possible if you want it and work hard enough for it. I'm glad I went to see it.

  4. Carol, I had the same thought about the pants!! HAHA! I wanted to tell him to pull them up!! (That and Miley Cyrus were the two things I didn't like about the movie)

    And if BF had to see Fred then you certainly had to see Bieber!! I would have paid someone money to take my kids to that one!