Monday, January 31, 2011

Where the Magic Happens!

You may have noticed a theme in the Meet an Author Monday Blog Hop this morning? Several of us got together and wanted to have one Monday a month where we try to post on a united topic. In the future, you may see us all talking about everything from the editing process to plagiarism, but we thought that we would start out with something fun...where do you write.

I did a post a couple of weeks ago about writing partners and found that everyone has a different style and method to how they write a story. There are some of us (waves frantically) who are very methodical and write from chapter one to the end - in order. (Though I do admit that in Indivisible I wrote the turning point scene first, and then had the inspiration for one other scene and wrote that). And then there are those who can write chapter 1 and then chapter 27 and then chapter 12 and then fill in the rest. Whichever way works for a writer, I've often wondered if their working space reflects that? Today, I think you might get the answer to that.

For me, I have to start "old school" with a paper and pen. I have a collection of notebooks that I write in, and always have one with me where ever I go.
This is one of my favorite ones (I like to keep my inspiration close) that friend gave me for Christmas. If you were to open it, you would NEVER be able to decipher what I was writing. There is no rhyme or reason to the order, because I write where I can find a page. I only write about two or three pages on paper, and then transfer it to the computer. Then, as I am transfering it, I make a lot of changes and add details. It's the only way I can work because a tiny piece of lined paper is so much less intimidating than a big blank computer screen.

When I do sit down to put my work on the computer, sadly, I don't do it in a nice little cubbie away from everyone where I can hole up until I'm done. No, I have my laptop right in the middle of the dining room table. During the day, when the kids are at school, it isn't a big problem, but in the afternoons, all work ceases while life happens in my house. I have a little standing cupboard in the corner that I balance the computer on while we have our lives (homework, dinner, etc...). Then when the kids are in bed, the computer comes back out and I can work...sort of. My husband insists on talking to me and pointing out the houses on House Hunter International throughout the night.

But ONE DAY...I will move my whole operation to the basement where I have actually set up an office.
Isn't it pretty?? I have my inspiration right there for when I'm writing about a sexy Navy SEAL (or SWAT team member???). And I can look right up at it and then I'm good and can write. I also have my framed messenger bag signed by several Twilight cast members, which I LOVE because it was given to me by a fabulous group of ladies! I have my printer, and a bucket full of pens, all my notebooks stored on the shelf. But you might notice the one thing that is missing?? A chair! I just haven't had the time to go look for one, but as soon as I do (and it warms up a little becuase even with heat in our basement...that room is COLD!!)I am moving my work space in there. I will have that nice little hidey-hole to lock myself away from the world and live in a place where hot men in uniform occupy my life!!

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  1. Hm, I will have to teach you the glare I give my husband when he tries to talk to me and I'm mid-thought - the one that makes him say "Uh, sorry." hehe.

    Your office is beautiful! Love the glass desks. And why does that guy in the picture looks so very similar to the guy(s) on the notebook...?

  2. This is such fun. You are a pen and paper girl too. I seem to have passed this obsession on to my son who now insists on writing everything long hand before he types. Between the two of us we are fast running out of space. I love your office area. Nice inspiration you have going there. :-) He looks vaguely familiar. I have a life sized Edward but my other half will says he will disown me if I try to leave Edward out to watch over me while I write. So for now he resides at the back of the tallboy.

    I may try, 'but he's inspiration sweetheart' and see how I get on. :-)

  3. INSPIRATION!! How can you look at that an NOT want to write a steamy love scene?? The other side of the room is glass shelves with some "memorabilia" piled on it (I'll take a picture of that and send it to you...really I have A LOT!)

    And my husband doesn't response to, "Which house would you pick?" is ALWAYS, "I wasn't watching." Yet, he still asks every night!

  4. Carol - I just said the same thing about the paper thing on you post!! HAHA!!

    One thing I forgot to mention...that you can't see. That piece of inspiration is signed with "I "heart" you." I tend to believe it!!

  5. Thanks for the tour of your writing spaces! Btw, very inspirational art you've got going on there, my friend. *smirk*

  6. How challenging that would be to get writing done in the midst of family business! I'm glad you get some "Jessica" time to write about SEALS and SWAT team members. We all need some fantasy in our lives!