Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Contest Time!

Happy Monday!

Before we get to all the fun of giveaways, I want to thank all of you who came to Coffe Time Romance last week and had fun with me as I talked about men in uniform and in particular, Gideon from Indivisible. It was so much fun!

Also, I had a big "Life Happened" moment this weekend - my daughter turned 8 yesterday!

And she had her first sleepover on Friday night (I'm still tired!). I'm just not sure when my daughter actually got so big? The last thing I remember is her as a little chubby baby, and then suddenly she's got an iPod, her friends from school are calling, and she's got a Big Time Rush poster where her Princess one used to be! I'm so not ready for this!

*wipes the tears from cheeks*

Okay, so back to the business at hand...CONTEST!!

I am giving away TWO signed copies of Indivisible along with a few little extras that I have coming! All you have to do is comment from today until Jan. 24th on any on my Indivisible posts. has to be on a post where I talked about Indivisible! So any of the ones where I posted excerpts, or when I talked about my editing process for Indivisible. I will randomly pick TWO people who leave comments to receive signed copies of Indivisible!

And, as a little extra, I will give you one of the excerpts that I posted last week on Coffee Time Romance in case you didn't get over there (though you should because there were some great reading suggestions if you like a man in uniform!).

This is one of my favorite little glimpses into Gideon and Charlie. I truly believe that there is such a thing as love at first sight, and sometimes you just know that it is right. I was engaged to my husband 2 weeks after we started dating, and we're going on 21 years!

I hope you fall in love with these two like I have!

They’d been wrapped around each other, simply talking for several hours. Gideon couldn’t fight the thoughts that played in his head. There was something about the woman in his arms that just fit. She made him feel like he was now the man destiny had scripted him to be.

It was during that quiet time that Gideon’s heart decided to speak without his permission. “I think we should get married,” he blurted.

“What? You want to marry me? Now?” Charlie’s voice was high-pitched, and Gideon could hear the disbelief lacing it.

“You’re right; it was a stupid idea.” Defeated and on the edge of humiliation, Gideon turned to get out of bed, but he felt something stop him and pull him back down. He couldn’t bring himself to look at her, sure he’d made an ass out of himself.

Charlie’s lips were on his ear, her tongue darting out to run circles around it. She definitely had Gideon’s attention again.


It was more of a breath than a word, and Gideon wasn’t sure he’d heard her.


“I said ‘yes’. I will marry you.”

Gideon immediately crashed his lips to hers, wanting to hold on to that moment forever. The most beautiful, perfect woman—for God only knew what reason—had just agreed to marry him.

“I know it’s so fast, but when you were telling me about your job, and I thought you didn’t want me, I felt lost. I feel like I belong with you.”

“Okay then.” He stopped, not knowing what to do next. “What should we do now?”

“Well, we could just go to one of those places and have Elvis marry us.”
Charlie was smiling, but Gideon knew no woman dreamed of a wedding performed by a dead icon while wearing two-day-old clothes.

“No. We’re going to have a real wedding. A very quickly put together wedding, but a real one. I love you, Charlie…um, this is awkward, but I don’t know your last name.”

Charlie giggled. “Yeah, I guess we kind of forgot about that. Let me start—Charlotte Esther O’Connor. Very nice to meet you.” Her smile was infectious, and Gideon could tell that although this was moving fast, she was as sure of everything as he was.

“Charlotte Esther? Seriously?”

“My grandmothers’ names. Could have been worse—my brother is Chancellor Mortimer. So all in all, I got off easy.”

“Makes sense, and you do have it better than your brother, I have to say. I guess it’s my turn, huh?”

She nodded, her eyes never leaving his.

“Okay. Nice to meet you, Charlotte Esther O’Connor, or should I say, the future Mrs. Gideon Isaac Cooper?”

“Gideon Isaac? So, wait…your initials are G I and you’re a Navy SEAL?” Charlie began to laugh.

“What? I must be missing something here.” Gideon tried to figure what was so funny. He knew his name was a little unusual, but nothing like Mortimer.

“Oh, I can’t believe you’ve never seen this…G I.” She paused and gave Gideon a hard stare, willing him to understand the reason behind her fit of giggles. “G.I. Joe? You know—gung-ho Army guy? Barbie’s much cooler and more masculine boy toy? Well, at least in my world he was. I used to steal Chance’s G.I. Joe and make him go on dates with Barbie. You are totally my G.I. Joe… Yeah, my Joe.”

“I think I like being your anything.” Gideon leaned in and gave her a passion-filled kiss, staking his claim to the beautiful woman in bed next to him. The fact that she was totally naked didn’t go unnoticed as he began to think about branding her even more thoroughly as his.

“Charlotte Cooper? Charlie Cooper? Mrs. Cooper? I could get used to that,” she suddenly said as she pulled away from his kiss to look him in the eye. Her gorgeous green eyes were glazed over slightly with pure love, and he couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful.

“So could I.” Gideon didn’t think he could possibly be happier…

Don't forget to leave a comment to get in on the chance to win a copy of Indivisible when it is released on January 25th!


  1. Great Contest!!! Good luck, everyone!
    Also, Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

  2. Double "aww" on this post - one for Gideon and Charlie and one for your daughter! Happy birthday to her. :) And I know how you feel about the growing up - my 13 year old son suddenly has a man voice. A MAN voice! Noooo!

  3. I totally believe in love at first sight! Sometimes you just know it's right.

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I loved being age 8--a very good year.

    That was a very sweet moment between G.I. Joe and Esther, hee hee.

  5. I have been DYING to read Indivisible since I first heard about it. I'm cracking up about Gideon's initials being G.I. I can tell this will be another classic to go on my shelf.

  6. Happy birthday to that sweet little girl!! I am absolutely DYING to read this & the tease.... Gah!!! I can't wait!! Good luck to everyone ;)


  7. Thank you all for the birthday wishes for my baby...really not ready for her to grow up!

    And thank you all for coming and leaving a comment! Glad everyone is loving Charlie and Gideon!

  8. Jessica, your blog won a Stylish Blogger Award! Stop by my blog for details.

  9. Great contest! And I definitely can't wait to read this, I know it's going to be great :)