Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know that you are pretty busy right now, but I just realized that I didn't get my letter out to you this year (thank heaven for modern technology!)

I'm pretty sure that I'm on the "Nice List" this year. Yeah, there are a few incidents that could have me straddling that line, but really, when you line them all up, I believe that my good outweigh my bad...(You only know if I've BEEN good or bad, right? Not if I've had thoughts of being naughty- but the good kind of naughty...wink wink).

So, here is my list of what I would like for Christmas. I'm sure that you can handle them...

First, I would like a clean house. Just as a suggestion (and I will be happy no matter how it gets done, but this way would make me the most happy), could you just leave Kellan Lutz under the tree in his Calvins and a pair of rubber gloves? Because then I would be able to thoroughly enjoy supervising the cleaning. I think that he could be back to his life in a day or two... Though, I'll be honest, I might keep him around to help out before the in-laws come in a few weeks. I would take really good of him, I promise!

I would also like for my kids to behave. Now, I'm not asking for a miracle here. I don't want them to get along and actually listen to me ALL THE TIME. All I want is maybe for like 3 to 5 days that they act like they like each other and don't think that I'm completely incapable of knowing simple facts. Honestly, I have been threatening them with calling you for like 3 months already, but they don't seem to be all that worried because every year you still leave them what they asked for under the're kind of undermining my authority here, Santa, and I think you owe me this one. I know they seemed all cute and good when they sat on your lap, but trust me...I have worked hard to keep that illusion up in public!

Oh, and the thing that I want more than anything...could you finish up my editing of Indivisible? Between the cleaning I have to do, and trying to pry my kids off of each other over the next month (yes, we are year round school and they don't go back until Jan. 18th) because I've asked for my first two items every year for the past 7 years and got nothing - I can ony assume that you really do know when I've been good and bad - I'm having a hard time squeezing in actually working.

So, Santa, here is the choice...give me the first two, or the last one...your choice. And remember, I control the cookie baking in this house. That's all I'm going to say about that!


PS - I make a mean Snickers filled cookie just so you know!!



  1. Well, you've asked so sweetly...and held Snicker's cookies over his head, so I don't see how he could refuse. ;) And don't feel left out---Santa has yet to come through on #1 for me too!

  2. Stopping by on the hop! And wow, let me say your list sounds like mine...I could sure use a Kellan Lutz to do some cleaning around here. Happy Holidays indeed! ;)