Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Books for Kids?

I just finished setting up the house for Christmas (though one of the blinkie reindeer in the front yard is listing...) and one of my favorite things is pulling out the kids' Christmas books. The box is SUPER heavy and I make my husband carry it up and down from the basement (I do all the other decorating, so he can carry the boxes!)

So tonight, we will put aside Pipi Longstocking (we read with our kids every night - I want them to love reading as much as I do) and start reading a Christmas book or two from now until the end of the year. It is my favorite time of the year!

I thought that today I would share with you some of my favorites in our library. I know that they are "kids" books, but trust me when I say I get as much joy out of these as my kids do!

First, let me say that we have stocked in our library all the staples like Frosty (which we sing the song at the end), The Grinch, Charlie Brown, Rudolph. The ones that I'm recommending are some of the more unusual books we have found.

1. Are You Grumpy Santa? by Gregg & Evan Spiridellis - This is by far my favorite of all our Christmas books and will get read at least every third night. Poor Santa just has one of those days where EVERYTHING is going wrong...unfortunately, it is the one day that Santa has things to do. My kids love the building up of everything from Santa stubbing his toe to Mrs. Claus putting him on a diet and I love the rhyme and ryhthm of the story and the beautiful illustrations. Everyone's favorite part is when Santa finally admits, "I'M A GRUMPY SANTA CLAUS!" We all yell it at the top of our lungs. (PS - I just looked on Amazon and they have another book called The Longest Christmas List Ever)

2. Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight by Jerry Pallotta and David Biedrzycki - This one is so much fun as Santa needs help delivering presents, and tries all variety of animals to pull his sleigh. From tigers who try to eat him to dolphins who take him for a swim, Santa endures a lot of stress until he finds the perfect animal to pull his sliegh. Great illustarations and the image of things like snakes pulling the sliegh, have my kids giggling through the whole story. (PS - this one also has another follow up called Who Will Help Santa This Year)

3. How Santa Got His Job by Stephen Krensky and S.D. Schindler - Another one I absolutely love as a parent. It answers all those questions kids have about how Santa can do things. Young Santa Claus is looking for a job, but each one doesn't work out. In his search for his perfect job, he cleans chimneys, delivers packages, takes care of reindeer at the can see where this is going. A fun read that leaves my kids nodding their heads in understanding. (PS - Guess what!! This one also has another follow up called How Santa Lost His Job.)

Okay...this blog post is costing me money as add all of these books to my Christmas library!!

4. Olivia helps with Christmas by Ian Falconer - How can you go wrong with Olivia? And Olivia at Christmas is as much fun as you would expect from this percoscious little pig. My kids favorite part is actually after Santa comes and everyone opens their gifts...they get to say the word "maracas" and think that is the funniest word ever!

5. Finally, I'll share our Christmas Eve books. We first read a version of Clement C Moore's The Night Before Christmas and then we read about the The Christmas Story and the birt of Jesus. For us, that is the perfect way to end all the hype of the holiday and settle the kids in before everything quiet about the holiday goes flying out the window the next morning!

I have two new books (besides the three that I just ordered from Amazon!) that I plan to get this year; Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas and It's Christmas David! These are two staples in my house as I have a "Fancy Nancy" and a "David"...

And I almost forgot...If you are looking for some good grown-up or YA reads to give as gifts, Omnific Publishing is having a great sale! If you buy the print copy of a book to give as a gift, you get a free ebook of it (I would TOTALLY keep that one for myslef!!).

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