Monday, December 27, 2010

Annoncement and House Cleaning

So, the announcement portion of my post today...I'm participating in Coffee Time Romance's Book Brew with the Coffee Crew "Uniforms that Protect Us" Blog event on Monday Jan. 3rd! I'm super excited about this and being able to share some more of Indivisible with you all. I will be giving a few excerpts out, answering questions about the book (ones that I can anyway), and *fingers crossed* revealing my AMAZING cover! AND...the best part, I'm going to be doing two giveaways of signed copies of Indivisible from the blog event. You have to come and post a comment, and then I will randomly draw names from those who posted a comment or a question.

I hope that you all will come over next week and find out a little bit more about Charlie and Gideon, and maybe get a surprise or two! Here's the link to the Book Brew portion, but check out the whole site because they have great reviews, giveaways, tons of authors...the list just goes on and on.

On to housekeeping, literally. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas (if you celebrate - if not then hope you had a great weekend!). My house is buried somewhere under piles and piles of toys, but my kids are happy, and there is nothing better
than when your little one looks at you and says, "This was the best Christmas ever."

And as you can see...I will be busy for several days trying to corral all of this! So if you don't hear from me for a while, no need to worry, I'm sure that I will be able to dig my way out soon!

Oh, and Santa must read my blog, because I actually got something on my list! I know you are all hoping that it was Kellan in his undies to clean for me, but sadly that wasn't the one. I was really hoping for that one. Indivisible is with the final editor, and all the MAJOR hurddles have been overcome (hoping I don't jinx myself). Maybe next year I'll get number one on my list, but I'm so happy with what I did get!

I hope to see you all next week over at Coffee Time Romance!

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  1. Hey Jessica,
    Please give out a reminder around January 3rd and I'll hop on over to the Book Brew. :)