Monday, November 22, 2010

Sneaky Peeky

As promised - I had to bat my eyes and promise some favors - here is a little sneak peek at my new novel that will be coming out in the new year.

The story is about Gideon and Charlotte (but don't call her Charlotte...she only answers to Charlie) Cooper, a young couple celebrating their first anniversary. Gideon has news that is going to change both of their lives, and the lives of those around them, in so many ways...


Charlie had been out with friends that Thursday night, celebrating making it through a particularly brutal week of classes. It was the beginning of her junior year at San Diego State University, where she was studying to be a teacher, and this year’s workload seemed to have doubled that of the previous two.

Charlie was only five feet five inches tall, but her confident personality made her seem so much bigger. Her long strawberry blond hair, sparkling green eyes, and full lips made her the envy of many women and an object of attraction for most men. Usually, Charlie spent the nights at clubs trying to keep all the pervs and their hands off of her, but when she saw the gorgeous muscled man across the bar, he didn’t look like he was mentally undressing her, he looked like he was…caressing her, with just his eyes. Charlie flashed a small smile before turning away. She hoped it would encourage him to come over because she’d never approach a man out at the clubs; she wasn’t going to meet her future husband partying in a bar.

The next time Charlie looked up to continue flirting with the blond-haired, dimple-cheeked god on the other side of the club, he’d disappeared. She glanced around trying to locate him and cursed herself for being so stubborn and cautious. Her heart broke just a little, and she didn’t even know the guy’s name. He was gone, and there was very little chance she’d ever find him again. It was San Diego for Christ’s sake—not only was there the entire SDSU student body, but University of California, San Diego, and University of San Diego, not to mention all the community colleges, and then throw in the military bases. Charlie was sure she’d never find him again.

“Hey.” A deep voice that sounded like sex came from over her shoulder. It was him.

Slowly turning around, Charlie tried not to let her nervousness show. “Hey.”

When he smiled at her, Charlie could’ve sworn her heart actually stopped beating for a fraction of a second. The dimples in his cheeks were mouthwatering, and she wanted to kiss them right then…so she did.

“Well, um, that was…nice.” He was still smiling. “I’m Gideon, by the way.”

Suddenly, he was kissing her. His kiss was deep and long, his tongue exploring every inch of Charlie’s mouth. She knew she should be fighting off this total stranger, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Instead, she gave up and went with it, battling his tongue for dominance and tasting his wonderful flavors. He must have been drinking Jack and Coke, because Charlie could taste the sting of the whiskey and the sweetness of the soda.

“I’m Charlie, just so you know,” she managed to squeak out once they broke for air.

“Hi, Charlie. Nice to meet you.” Those dimples made an appearance again. This time Charlie was more bold and let her tongue slide out from between her lips to run over those small, perfect indentations. Behind her, Charlie’s friends gasped at her completely uncharacteristic aggressiveness, but she didn’t care. At that moment, she was more sure of Gideon than she’d ever been of anything in her life


Just a tiny taste, but I'll have more over the next couple of months.

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  1. I love women named Charlie! Looks interesting. I'm looking forward to reading Passion Fish.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Jen xx