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Passion Fish Out Takes

As are three out takes from my first published novel, Passion Fish. I wrote this book with my good friend Alison Oburia. Two peopl writing a book is a challenge!! What we found worked best for us was we each worked with characters that spoke to us.

While the main story of Passion Fish is Will and Eve's, I loved Gage and Skye! As we wrote, the two story lines emerged, and the work was easily divided. When it was time for publishing, however, we both had to cut some things out (otherwise the book would have been like 800 pages!)

So, here are three of my favorite scenes that we cut out of the published version...


There are some adult situations in the following out takes. But, it's all what I call "sweet smut" - none of the really bad words, and very vauge terms.

Out Take #1 – Beau’s Penance
This is a little look at Beau and Josie right before the dinner party at Thomas and Noelle's.

As they walked into her apartment, Beau knew Josie was still furious with him. It was almost four, and they would have to start getting ready for dinner at Thomas and Noelle’s soon, but he had an idea to put a smile back on Josie’s beautiful face. It was, after all, his fault she’d been in such a foul mood all day.

The previous night at Stratus, Beau had seen the sparkle in Josie’s eyes when Eve made mention of Gage and Skye having “pirate night.” She’d been trying to get him to “play” with her for ages, and it was the one thing Beau couldn’t do for her. His first mistake had been refusing her again last night.

Normally he complied with every request his personal angel made. But when he made love to Josie, it was one of the most deeply felt experiences he’d ever had, and he didn’t want to belittle the act by wearing costumes. He loved Josie, and when they were in bed together, he did everything to make sure she knew that. To Beau, dressing up would cheapen what the couple had, and he would never do that to her.
So, she’d already been pouting that morning, not used to Beau denying her anything, and then for mistake number two he’d sort of tricked her into spending the day at a rare coin show. He’d asked her if she wanted to go shopping with him. It wasn’t really a lie; he was shopping for new merchandise for his company. Beau hated being away from her, and even though he was sure she’d never want to spend a Saturday looking at coins, he was selfish and deceived her anyway.

Josie turned to Beau, and he could feel the anger and disappointment she was preparing to unleash on him. Quickly he decided to set his plan in motion before she killed him, or worse…left him.

“Josie, before you start what I know is a well-deserved tirade, can I ask one thing?”
She scowled.

That wasn’t a good sign. In fact, Beau was a little concerned that she hadn’t spoken in more than two hours. Other than a few grunts in his direction, she’d barely said a word once they’d arrived at the coin show. He hadn’t thought it was possible for her to remain silent for so long. And he was fearful of the explosion that was sure to be coming. His genius plan was to point it in another direction.

“Okay. If you don’t want to answer, will you just nod at least?” Beau bent down to look her right in the eyes, and she gave a slight nod. “I just need you to stay here for one minute. Please.”

She nodded and walked over to sit on the couch, the scowl still in place.

I will NEVER do anything to cause her to look like that again, Beau vowed as he went into her bedroom and closed the door behind him. Though they’d only been together a short time, they had no secrets, so he knew just where to find what he needed.

Beau stripped down, and the plan was underway.

“Josie, my love, I need your help.”

Beau stood, leaning against the bathroom door jamb in his best “sexy pose.” As Josie entered the bedroom, he tipped the cowboy hat back on his head. She stopped in her tracks and, for the first time all day, Beau saw the smile that lit up his world.

“Well, howdy, ma’am.” He did his best southern drawl for her.

It was no secret that ever since they’d first talked about his life and where he grew up, Josie had wanted to see Beau as a cowboy. It really was quite funny, because his hometown, Austin, Texas, was as far from a “cowboy town,” as it could get, but this is what she wanted. And since he’d vowed to never deny her again, Beau complied.

“Oh, Beau!” she squealed and threw herself into his arms.

Eagerly wrapping his arms around her tiny frame, Beau lifted Josie to meet his mouth. She always tasted so good. As he kissed her more deeply, her arms circled his neck and found their way into his hair. While his tongue explored her mouth, Beau carried her over to the bed. Only after setting Josie down did he allow their lips to separate.

“Now, little darlin’, I need you to sit right here for just one moment.”
Josie sat on the edge of the bed, her eyes dancing over Beau’s body. He could tell she was pleased with his apology.

Turning around to allow her the view of his naked rear peeking through the chapshe’d put on just for her, Beau flexed his muscles, causing each cheek to bounce in turn. Josie clapped wildly and wriggled excitedly on the edge of the bed. When he faced her again, he knew she’d forgiven him.

Josie leaned back on her elbows and scanned Beau’s nearly naked body. Only two pieces of suede covered his legs. Beau’s pleasure at her obvious approval was quickly evident, and he needed her to touch him. As he took a step toward her, she sat up and reached for him. Each time Beau felt her perfect hands holding him, it was intoxicating.

Her skilful caresses brought him right to the brink of ecstasy, but he wouldn’t allow himself to succumb to only what he wanted at that time.
Beau stepped back. While he was all but naked, she was still fully dressed—and that would never do.

Reaching out, he took her hand and gently pulled her into his arms. Gently, Beau lifted her blouse over her head, kissing her deeply when she was free from the offending article of clothing. He moved from her mouth down to the sensitive skin between her breasts as he allowed his hands to slide up her back and quickly release the clasp of her bra. He took one of her hardened peaks into his mouth as the thin fabric fell to the floor.

Beau heard her moan his name, and just the sound of her voice, husky with lust for him, almost brought him to climax.

Good Lord, this woman has the ultimate control over me. All of me.

Beau let his hands wander over Josie’s body, finally coming to rest at the waistband of her pants. He moved along her skin there and felt the muscles contract beneath his touch. Once he found the button and zipper, he let her pants pool at her feet. Picking her up and out of the pants, Beau placed her on the bed once again. His hands roamed Josie’s beautiful body, finally making their way to her lace panties. Slowly Beau lowered them, kneeling between her legs as he removed them completely.

Again Josie said Beau’s name, pleading with him to bring her the pleasure she desired. Keeping his promise never to disappoint her again, Beau slid his hands back up her legs, his tongue following. He left a trail of kisses along her inner thigh, causing her to gasp and fall back on the bed. When his tongue finally reached its destination, her hands flew to his hair and held him there. After bringing her to the edge of her own climax, he began to move back up her body.

“Beau,” Josie gasped. “Take those damn chaps off. They’re way too cumbersome. I promise never to ask you to wear them again.”

He quickly obeyed her command and rid himself of the ridiculous costume, pleased that he’d never have to be “cowboy Beau” again. As he moved back between her legs, she wrapped them around him and allowed him entry. Passion overtook the pair, and they began to move together, their perfect union coming to an end only when both were spent.

“I love you more than anything in this universe, Josie,” Beau whispered in her ear as he rolled over and pulled her to him.

“And I love you too, Beau.”

They laid together for what seemed like hours, and Beau would have been happy to there stay forever, but when he looked at the clock on the nightstand, he knew they had to get up and start getting ready to spend the evening with their friends.

“Josie, it’s five thirty.” Beau nibbled her ear and then continued. “I think we need to get going so we aren’t late for Noelle and Thomas’ dinner.”

“You’re right—let’s get in the shower.” With that, Beau’s angel hopped out of bed and danced into the bathroom.

It wasn’t until he heard the water running that he realized she’d said “let’s.”

Yee Haw! So what if we’re a little late?

Out Take #2 – Going Up
This one is actually mostly in the book, but there is a little bit at the end that got edited out. It was one of my favorite lines, but Gage and Skye were already the only ones getting any, so I decided to leave it out...but here it is;

“You have got to be kidding me, Will. The Cubs won’t even see the playoffs, let alone the series,” Skye called out.

That was it for Gage. A hot, smart, sexy woman who knows sports? Holy Crap! He’d hit the jackpot.

“Okay, everyone, we’re going to call it a night.” Gage had done his part and entertained their friends for a few hours, but the fact that Skye was into sports—he had to have her now.

Grabbing Skye’s hand, Gage slid her out of the booth. After saying goodnight to everyone, he steered her to the door. Gage knew he needed to get Skye somewhere private before he stopped caring who witnessed the things he was planning on doing to her.

Once in the car, with Skye, the responsible one, in the driver’s seat, Gage turned to her with a look of hunger and want—but also a question.

“So, you follow baseball?”

“Ummm…yeah. I told you that on our first date, remember? I’m a Giants fan? I was raised by my two older brothers. They liked their sports, and so I did by default.”

“I remember you said that, but I didn’t think you were actually a baseball fan.”

“Well, I am.” She sounded pissed. That was not at all what Gage had been going for.

He needed to save himself—quickly. He had to let her know what he thought about this little piece of new information she had just given him.

“Skye, I’m sorry. This isn’t coming out right. I just meant that…uhhh…damn!”

“What, Gage? Just spit it out, for God’s sake.”


Skye still looked pretty icy, and Gage didn’t know how to put into words how badly he wanted her at that moment.

“It’s just that the fact that you like baseball…that is so hot, Skye.”

A huge smile broke across her lips as the car pulled into the garage. Gage was glad she was enjoying the situation, because his obvious enjoyment was making things difficult for him.

Skye parked the car in Gage’s space and got out, waiting for him at the back of the car. When he joined her, Skye’s eyes traveled down to the bulge that had once again appeared in Gage’s pants. A wicked smile played on her lips, and he knew he was in for a spectacular night.

The couple made their way to the elevator, neither talking at all.

Once in the elevator, which fortunately was empty, Skye turned to face Gage. She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him back against the wall. Gage didn’t think he was going to make it to the apartment, and the fact that Skye was taking control? All he could do was comply.

Gage rested his hands on her hips, his thumbs caressed the sliver of skin just above the waistband of her low-rise jeans. Skye slid her hands up into his hair, planting a brief kiss on his chest before working her way upward.

Skye stood on her tiptoes to reach Gage’s ear, and her body pressed against his. Gage held her tightly against him, trying to make sure she didn’t move against his hardness, which would cause him to completely lose it.

When Skye’s lips finally reached their destination, and Gage thought he couldn’t take anything more, she whispered in a low, sexy voice, “I’m an even bigger football fan.”


The elevator doors opened onto Gage’s floor. Skye removed herself from his embrace and turned to walk out. Before stepping off the elevator, she glanced over her shoulder.

“Are you coming?”

“Yeah, that’s the problem.”

Out Take #3 – Popping the Question
This is the full scene of Beau's proposal to Josie. In the book it was only a few lines where Josie described to the rest of the girls how he had done it - this is the proposal.

When Josie woke up to the sun shining into the room, she could tell Beau had something on his mind just from the faraway look in his eyes. He rolled over, pulling her into an embrace, and kissed her forehead.

“Hey, do you think I could steal you away from the girls today?” His breath on Josie’s temple sent instant heat through her body.

“Ummm…sure. Why?” It was Sunday, and Beau knew she had a standing date with Eve, Skye, and Noelle, but they would understand.

“I’d just like you all to myself today. I have some plans for us,” Beau said.
Josie narrowed her eyes. He was up to something.

She tried to call Eve, but when she couldn’t get a hold of her she phoned Skye to tell her she wasn’t going to make it to brunch. Expecting a lecture on responsibility and friendship, she was surprised when Skye just sighed and told her that was okay because she wasn’t feeling up to it anyway.

When she got off the phone, Josie turned to see Beau on his cell. He saw her and quickly made an effort to wrap up the call. That only made Josie even more curious.
“Who was that?” she asked, unable to help herself. When it came to Beau, she was very territorial.

“Just checking on something for later today.” His smile was radiant, and again Josie wondered what he was up to. It was usually so easy for her to predict what Beau would do in any given situation, but all week he’d been hiding something.

The pair spent the rest of the morning in bed with the newspaper and coffee. It was the perfect Sunday morning. He explained to Josie how his business was growing and said he was looking in to changing some things so he wouldn’t have to travel as much. Josie was really happy with that, but his restlessness was weighing in the back of her mind.

As the day passed, Beau became more and more anxious. It was something Josie had never seen, and she began to worry, which only fed his anxiety. Whatever he was planning was going to be big, and Josie wasn’t sure she was ready for it.
Around three o’clock, Beau started laying clothes out on the bed. Josie wandered into the room, and he looked up at her.

“Uhh, Beau? What are you doing, sweetheart?”

“Well, it’s time for us to go, and I thought you might wear this for our evening out.” He gestured to the stunning Camille Townsend black silk dress he had laid on the bed.

“Where are we going?” Josie’s interest was definitely piqued.

“Dinner.” That was Beau’s only reply, and by the set of his mouth, that was all he was going to say.

Once they were dressed, Josie headed toward the door, but the sound of rustling and the opening and closing of cupboards made her stop and turn around. She watched as Beau began to move around the apartment, gathering coats and a few blankets out of the linen closet.

Josie looked over at him, eyebrows raised, about to ask him what the hell he was doing now.

“We might need these later,” he offered before taking her hand to lead her out the door.

As they drove north out of the city, Josie couldn’t imagine where they were going. The fact that Beau was dressed in an incredible suit that made all six feet of his beautiful body even more perfect, and he had insisted she wear his favorite dress, had Josie even more on edge.

When he turned into the parking lot for Butterfly Beach, Josie couldn’t help but question Beau’s eveningwear suggestion. Her strappy heels definitely weren’t going to be good for walking the trails or hitting the beach.

Beau came around and opened the door for Josie. He reached out his hand for hers.
Josie hesitated.

“Do you trust me?” He held her eyes with his own.

“Of course I do.”

“Then come with me.”

Josie took his hand and allowed him to help her out of the car. Then Beau opened the back door and took the coats and blankets out. When an ocean breeze blew in and Josie shuddered, he laid her coat across her shoulders, leaning in and kissing her neck as he did. Josie’s whole body shuddered as his lips touched her skin, and her knees went a little weak. Fortunately, Beau had wrapped his arm around her. He carried the bundle in the other hand and guided her toward the beach.

Suddenly, in front of them was a beautiful white open tent with a small table and two chairs in the middle of it. The sides of the tent were pulled to the corners and secured with ornate golden ropes. An arrangement of what must have been three dozen roses sat in the middle of the table, and candles had been lit on either side of the flowers. There was also an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne chilling beside the table.

“Oh! Beau!” Josie’s hand flew to her mouth at the utter beauty of the setting.

Pulling Josie into the tent, Beau set the blankets on the sand. Stepping away, he pulled out one of the chairs.

“Why don’t you sit? Dinner is about to be served.” Beau glanced over Josie’s shoulder, and she turned to see a server, dressed to the nines in black tie and coat tails, carrying a silver tray across the sand.

The man set the tray down and the most wonderful smells filled the tent. Beau had asked for Josie’s favorite meal: veal parmigiana with four-cheese ravioli. The small side salad was crisp, and the wine was perfectly chilled. Josie wondered in amazement where they could be bringing the food from.

Conversation during the meal was free flowing, and Josie felt like her Beau was back. This had to have been what he was so secretive about, and her entire being flooded with relief. Josie gazed up into Beau’s face and saw his love for her shining in his eyes.

The sun was setting, and the reflection of the orange and pink sky on the glassy water lit up the tent. Beau rose from his chair and walked to Josie. He reached out and took her hand in his. Josie made the motion to get up, but he stopped her. Kissing her lightly on the lips, he sat her back down in the chair and sank to one knee.

Josie gasped.

“Josephine McInnis.” Beau took both of Josie’s hands in his. “You are everything I have ever wanted or needed to make my life perfection. There is nothing more I need to make me whole, and when you aren’t with me, I feel like a piece of me is missing. I ache when I am away from you.”

Tears began to form and push at the corners of Josie’s eyes.

“I love you with everything that I am. I don’t want to let one more sunset pass without knowing that you’ll be my wife and spend the rest of eternity with me.”
The tears began to escape and flowed freely down Josie’s cheeks. Beau removed one of his hands and slipped it into his pocket.

“Josie, will you marry me?”

When Josie looked down, Beau was holding the most exquisite antique diamond ring she’d ever seen between his thumb and index finger. He looked up at her, and Josie’s breath caught at the depth of emotion on his face.

“Yes. Of course I will. I love you, Beau Sanderson, and being your wife is the most precious thing I will ever do with my life.” With that, Josie launched herself from the chair into his arms, which he instantly wrapped around her as the pair tumbled on to the sand…

Now, after the night she’d spent with Beau, Josie was trying to motivate herself to get ready for work. She stopped brushing her teeth—for the third time this morning—as the flash from the ring she now wore on her left hand caught her eye in the mirror. Her engagement ring. Josie let out an audible sigh as Beau came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and leaning in to nibble her ear. Her Beau. Her fiancĂ©.

Glancing back at the reflection in the mirror, Josie realized she’d been smiling since the moment Beau had proposed, and now she couldn’t wait to see her two best friends and share her wonderful news. Beau leaned down and kissed her neck, as he ran his hand over her bare stomach, sliding it down into the waistband of her panties.

Oh, hell, I’m going to be late for work today!

Well...there you go. Hope you liked them.

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