Monday, November 15, 2010

Life REALLY Happened...


I don't really have a post today...SORRY!! I just wanted to make sure that you all knew I haven't forgotten about you.

I am knee deep in editing right now! On top of that, my son had a birthday party on Friday (next Sunday I will have two 7 year olds!!), then Saturday we had my daughter's basketball (she scored her first basket!!) and my son's wrestling tournament (he came in second!). THEN joy of joys on Saturday night my husband ended up taking the little man to the doctor at 9pm for STREP!! And then this morning that email bug that has been going around burrowed into my email and sent out emails to people in my address book! Fortunately it isn't one I use often, and I only had to warn a handful of people...

Oh, and top that off with some freelance work that I am doing, and definitely happened for me over the last week, and I just didn't have time to put together a fabulous post today! HAHA!!

To make up for having to hear about my crazy life instead of something interesting, I'm going to check with my editors (waves to her favorite editor!!) and see if next week I can get a good little excerpt from my new book.

Happy Monday!!

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