Monday, October 11, 2010

Life Happened...

I missed another Monday. I was on vacation and without an internet connect for about a week! Thank God for the new Smart Phones, or I would have come back to 100s of emails!

This post is going to have nothing to do with my writing or books. While I was on vacation, I had two of those "Life Happened" moments that I talked about in my first post. So you get to hear a little bit about me today. Aren't you lucky!!

The first incident made me laugh out loud before I realized how old I am! I have recently found Facebook. Don't get me wrong, I was on Facebook before, and I do have a Jessica McQuinn page (which I really need to get going!!), I just had never been on very much. Then recently, I found a bunch of old high school friends, and now I am on there all the time.

While I was home visiting my mom, there was a big football game at my alma mater with a rival. Several of my friends were there, and watching the updates on Facebook kept me entertained all night long! It was like being in high school again.

And that's the problem and the impetus for the Life Happened moment. To me, all of these people are still 17/18 year old high school kids that I hung out with all those years ago. So, when I read about them being doctors and lawyers and parents, it seems so odd for me. When did we grow up?? How did life happen all of a sudden and we are all responsible (I use that word loosely) adults?

Things only got worse for me on the "When did life happen" front when I went to visit my cousin for a few days.

I grew up in a very small family. I have one younger brother and that is it. Even our extended family was not big as I have only four cousins - three boys and one girl. Being the only two girls in the family, my cousin who is 9 years older than me became more like sisters. I wanted to be her when I was little, and I still admire her immensely.

While I have two elementary school kids, my cousin has four in college and high school. The two oldest (girls) are a junior and freshman in college and the younger two (older girl and boy) are a senior and sophomore in high school. Now, everytime I see them I am amazed at how big they are. To me, like my high school friends, the girls are caught in a time warp in my head where they are all 3 years old.

This idea of them still being toddlers slapped me square in the face last week when I went to my Goddaughter's (the second oldest - freshman in college) sorority induction. How do they let a 3 year old into college, let alone into a sorority?? I was baffled!! When did she grow up?

I was the saddest I have ever been as I pulled away from my cousin's house that day. I had to face the fact that Life Happened, and everyone was grown up now! I looked at my kids in their booster seats, watching Space Chimps 2 and tried to remember that moment because I knew that one day I would have to stop seeing them as little kids and treat them as adults...I'm not ready for life to happen!

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  1. Aww, :( I know what you mean - my daughter went to the fricking HIGH SCHOOL homecoming dance a couple weeks ago! But the worst is when I run into a friend from my youth and think about how old they look. Its only when I walk away that I realize they must be thinking the same thing about me! And then I order more Avon, haha.

    But think of all the fun schtuff in your future. We constantly move into new phases, but somehow we're always ready for them when they come.