Monday, August 2, 2010


My kids recently went back to school (both are now in school all day, and honestly I feel a little like I'm forgetting something when 11:30 rolls around) and I have been filling out mountains of paperwork. How do people with 5 kids do that without getting writer's cramp? I only have two, and it took me a few hours to get it done. I was filling out all this paperwork, I was kind of on autopilot; name, address, phone, father's occupation, mother's occupation....HOLD UP!! Now my kids are still young - they are in first and second grade this year - but counting preschool, I have been filling these forms out for a few years. The answer to that particular question has ALWAYS been "stay-at-home-mom." But what now?

Do I consider myself an author? I mean I wrote a book that is actually for sale? In fact my second book is with the editor now...does that make me an author?

Is there a certain number of books or sales of books that you hit before you can consider yourself an author?

I have an office set up that is just mine, with a desk, a printer, shelves of my collectibles, (oh and signed picture of Kellan Lutz in his undies on the wall for inspiration!). It is a place that I can go and write...all by myself. Does that make me an author?

Somedays I feel like I'm an author. A few months ago, hubs and I were going to Las Vegas for our 20th anniversary (we went for our 1st all those years ago, too!) and were in the airport talking about writing, and Passion Fish. A woman leaned over and asked if I was an author...I stuttered, but eventually said yes. Then the man sitting on the other side of me asked what the book was called, and a minute later pulled it up on his Kindle. THAT day, I definitely felt like an author!

Then there are other days where I am doing laundry, driving carpool, cleaning bathrooms, breaking up fights over who can sing a song...oh wait! That was just this morning! On days like this, if someone were to ask if I was an author...I would probably say no.

I'll confess that I couldn't bring myself to put "author" down under "mother's occupation" this year. Maybe next year...

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