Monday, August 9, 2010

The Next Best Seller

I have a confession to make...I LOVE LOVE LOVE reality TV.

The thing is that I like the reality TV that requires the people to have some sort of skill; Project Runway, Top Chef, American Idol... (Okay I will admit to my one guitly pleasure of America's Next Top Model).

I don't think that I watch "regular" TV shows anymore? My TiVo is chock a block full with all of these shows that I watch late at night after everyone else is in bed. (My husband has a limited amount of patience, and making him watch Cupcake Wars might be a little beyond his "in sickness" vow.)

Watching these talented people who have sacrificed so much to do what they dream about is amazing to me. I have wondered while I watched, if I would have the strength to do that for something that I felt in my heart I was always meant to do. In fact, as I would watch, I would wish that I actually had some creative talent. I was jealous.

I have been writing for years and years. From the time that I could actually put a sentence together, I have been making up stories. I can remember being a little girl and making up fairy princess stories (with me as the fairy princess, of course) in my head as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep. As I got older, those stories didn't stop, they just changed.

In high school I loved when we would get a chance to do a creative writing assingment and I could share something that I had written in a little notebook hidden away from everyone. I wasn't brave enough to share my writing with anyone, but if it was an assignment...well that was a different matter.

Even as life went on, I kept writing in one of those hidden away notebooks, never thinking that what I was doing was a creative process. It took me until I was almost 40, with a family and house to take care of to realize that I was one of those creative people I had been watching for the past few years. I was lucky!

Now, here is the point that I'm getting at (I'm a I have to take the long way!!)...I think that we need a new reality show - The Next Best Seller!

It would be done chapter by chapter and when the judges lose interest the contestant would be eliminated. They could use the catch phrase, "Stop the're books been rejected."

Wouldn't it be great to see the creative process of writing get the same kind of attention that other forms of media get? Maybe some young writer out there would realize that they were talented and creative before they had too much to give up to chase a dream.

Okay, I guess it wouldn't be as exciting as seeing a fabulous dress come down the runway, or a beautiful plate of food get served, but I would totally watch it.


  1. They could do professional book trailers and dramatise sections of the books. That would be fantastic.

  2. I'm enjoying the blog hop. Finding lots of new people. Great fun

  3. Get Mark Burnett on the phone! This is a fabulous idea! It would take some finesse to get the format just right, keep it entertaining enough for the viewer, but it could be done. Oh yes, it could be done...